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Yeah, I was planning on having the game end in a wave-based boss-battle thing, but I ran out of time so I went with the boring ending instead. I'll probably add an end-boss eventually, but not until the jam is over.

Anyway, thanks for the review, glad you enjoyed the game!

Thanks! Everything  except for the font was made by me during the jam.

Thanks for the review, I'm glad you enjoyed the game!

I probably could have incorporated the theme a bit better though, yeah.

Yeah, the rock was intended to be a last-resort kinda thing so that players can't get stuck inside of a room with no way to kill the zombies, but I probably could have made it a little bit stronger. The ending was also really rushed, so I just decided to go with a joke ending instead of something that made a lot of sense.

Anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed my game and thanks for the review.

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The game runs fine on the machines I tested it on, so I'm not sure exactly what's causing the lag, but I just posted a new downloadable version on the game page if you want to see if that fixes your lag problems. I also added an options menu to the title screen that allows you to switch to a less resource-intensive level of effects, so that might also help the lag some.

Thanks for leaving a comment telling me about this issue, I appreciate it.

Thanks for the comments, and I'm glad you enjoyed it. There's a lot of good entries in the jam, and I had a lot of fun. Thanks for hosting it!

Yeah, this was a perfect entry to the jam. The voice acting was incredible, the intro was awesome, and the final 'boss' was amazing. It pulled 'so bad it's good' off extremely well, and it's one of the few games in this jam that was simultaneously really bad and really enjoyable. Great work!

Yeah, sorry, holding 'Z' will make the text go by faster, but there's no option to quickly skip to the end of the line. Probably should've added that, but ah well. Anyways, glad you enjoyed the physics and game, and thanks for the review.

Thanks  for commenting! I'm glad you liked it!

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it

Yeah, I was trying to go for a JCVD movie-esque feel for the game, so I'm glad that came across somewhat well. Anyways, thanks for the review, and I'm glad you enjoyed the game.

Hmm, yeah, he doesn't have a limit on the amount of henchmen he can spawn, so if you don't kill him quickly you basically just lose. The henchmen also don't disappear and come back when you die, so that's kinda dumb.

Yeah, probably should change that eventually. Anyways, sorry about that.

Yeah, I probably should've given the boss slightly less health. Ah well, glad you enjoyed the game despite that, and thanks for your review.

Oh, sorry for the misunderstanding. In that case, thanks for your acknowledgement of the badness. :D

That's unfortunate, it was supposed to be annoying. Except the title screen song though, that's possibly the catchiest thing I've ever made probably maybe.

Yeah, blowing up civilizations and being made fun of are the two things I think this game does best, so I'm glad you enjoyed those aspects of it.

Anyways, thanks for the review, and I'm glad you enjoyed the game!

Sorry, I probably should've clarified in-game, but pressing enter or escape opens the options screen, which shows you all of the controls from there. Anyways, glad you enjoyed the game despite that, and thanks for commenting.

Yeah, it doesn't really have a ton of sustainable content, and I probably should've made the shop items cheaper to make the game shorter, but I'm glad you enjoyed it despite that, and thanks for the review!

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Thanks, glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks for some clarification on your problems, and sorry for my misunderstanding at first. Anyways, yeah, I actually agree with most of your points here, and the fact that you actually saw the point at which the player really comments on the strange signs means that you got at least slightly farther than I thought.

Anyways, yeah, this game was meant to be a simple platformer with some hopefully kind of funny dialogue,  but I can see how that's not the type of game for everyone, barring the other problems such as the menu not being escapable with a button press. Sorry if I seemed rude in my initial reply, I just tend to take harsh criticism like yours pretty personally, and, again, I'm sorry you didn't enjoy the game.

Still, I do appreciate your criticism, and will attempt to create more 'original' games in the future, as the unoriginality of the gameplay seems to be your biggest problem. Anywho, again, have a good day, and thanks for your time.

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EDIT for future reference: I was a jerk during this reply, and most of my criticism of b_random's comment misses most of his points and makes me seem like a jerk. Even though I am a jerk, I don't really know why I was so invested in this reply when I wrote it and I would delete it if I was a smarter person. Anywho, read this reply if you want, but I wouldn't recommend it.

Well, for the skipping text thing, holding 'Z' is all you need to do. Holding '2' doesn't do anything, so, sorry if my font confused you, (even though the Z in the font doesn't look anything like a 2). Mashing 'Z' also doesn't do anything. It's just a slower form of holding 'Z'.

Anways, I'm sorry you hated the game so much, but I do understand and I'll try to address most of your complaints.

First of all, yeah, the 'main character commenting about everything' thing is probably overused slightly, and, yeah, I'm sorry if that annoyed you.

The specific joke you mentioned I assume was the one with the sign that said 'Hold X to run', to which the main character replies, 'I have no idea what that means'. The joke there is that, a lot of times in games, characters will tell you to press a button to do an action, which makes sense to the player, but wouldn't make sense to the actual person you're playing as, since they, obviously, are just running around, and aren't pressing any buttons. There's a part later in the game where he actually questions why there are signs around, and that's the 'joke', but according to your review you didn't get to that part, so I dunno.

I don't really understand your complaint about the menu, though. You can't press esc. while on the menu because the game is a browser-based game, and closing your browser tab would be really dumb. When you say 'the text on the bottom left' I assume you mean the text indicating what the save button does, which, while kind of clunky, I don't think is very unclear.

I'm also sorry you didn't enjoy the gameplay. While the game does have pretty simple mechanics, with few things that vary from the original Super Mario Bros, there are a few things, such as the ground-pounding thing on blocks to destroy them, bouncing on blocks in your small form, the wall-jumping, a section where you fall straight down through a ton of blocks later in the game, unlockable cheats that change game physics, and other small things, that I think make it different enough. It was, afterall, supposed to resemble an old NES game like mario quite closely, using the NES's color pallette, and a similar resolution, but I can understand how you could find it boring or repetitive. 

I also kind of understand your issue with the first level and a half, although that section is really short, and should only take a minute or two to complete, so, it shouldn't be that huge of a part of the game. The levels do have a lot of stuff in them, though, I think, and if you move through them at a decent pace you should be encountering pits, and coins, and powerups, and signs, and elevation changes, and dialogue, and other stuff semi-frequently.

Your complaint about you not being able to wall-jump on a wall after jumping off for a few seconds is due to a delay, and not a glitch, which I think is pretty logical, as without it you would be able to infinitely go up walls, but I probably should've made more clear, yeah, it's kinda weird and not very intuitive

I don't really know what you mean when you mentioned the extremely tight jumps, as all the bottomless pits in the first cave area should be easily jumped over by running and jumping.

I appreciate your feedback and I'm sorry that you didn't enjoy my game.

Have a good day.

Yeah, sorry about the text issue, I probably should've made the default text scrolling quite a bit faster, and probably shouldn't have had so much text in the first place... But, ah well, :p. The text can be sped up by holding the 'Z' button, although I probably should've also clarified that more, so, sorry about that, too.

Anyway, yeah, I definitely would've had background colors less similar to the enemy colors if I could've, but considering the limit of 10 colors in the whole game, it was kind of difficult. Sorry if that impacted your experience, though, I tried to avoid it.

Thanks for the review, and thaks for playing my game!

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it.

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Yeah, I was going to speed up the dialogue before releasing the game, but I guess I forgot. :p. Holding Z will speed it up, but not that much, and I didn't really clarify that anywhere, so, that's my bad. Anyways, glad you enjoyed the platforming at least, and thanks for the review!

Well, sorry, but Spooky Horror Game.EXE is a pretty generic name, so I don't think you really have the right to it, and I did not copy your name, and had no idea another game by the same name even existed. And even if our titles are similar, I'm sure the actual gameplay of the games aren't anything alike. Sorry, but I'm not changing it.

Mayim community · Created a new topic I liked it

Unlike the one other person who reviewed this game, I thought this was actually a pretty fun little tech-demo-esque alpha thing. It, of course, needs a lot of work, but I do think this has some potential, and could be a really fun boat-builder. Keep up the good work!

Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it!

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Thanks, and, actually, the game uses exclusively the NES color palette, so, excluding the scan lines, it should be exact.

Thanks for the review, glad you enjoyed it!

Yeah, the small amount of control offered by holding 'C' to speed up the text isn't that extensive, and I probably should've had it be manually scrolled through. I could also definitely see how the text could be hard to read at times, and I probably should update the font sometime soon.

Anywho, thanks for the review, and I'm glad you seemed to have somewhat enjoyed it!

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Hey, thanks.

Yeah, the ending is a little strange, (mostly because I made it in like 20 minutes in an attempt to finish the game in time,) so what you saw probably was the end. Anywho, thanks for the review, and I'm glad you enjoyed the game.

Edit: Just to clarify, the ending screen should have text on it stating that you beat the game, so, you probably didn't miss much, but I guess that's the 'real' ending.

Hey, yeah, thanks for the clarification, difficult games aren't everyone's cup of tea. :p

I thought your game was pretty challenging, to be fair, so, there's that.

Hey, thanks, I appreciate the praise feedback! It means a lot!

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Here's a reply to your reply to my reply to your post:

Honestly, I was being a little harsh in my initial comment, and I think the game is pretty fun and plays relatively decently for a game made in only 72 hours.

I'm glad to hear that you will continue to work on the game, and I'm looking forward to the direction you take it in!

So, there's a few problems I have here, but I'll just start with the fact that the pixel art isn't really 'correct', persay; it's not aligned on a grid and makes the whole thing seem a little cheap. The text is also just not pixelized, so that's a little strange.

More importantly, however, I am really not a huge fan of the controls in this game. Jumping feels extremely floaty, the hitboxes feel really off, and what I think is supposed to be a 'knockdown' type effect when you run into a wall freezing you every 5 seconds is really annoying.

The lack of sounds and music also make the game significantly less enjoyable, and I know that it's not incredibly easy to make retro sounds and music, but there are a ton of free tools like lmms out there that easily allow you to do so.

I appreciate the creativity and attempts at good level design that were made here, and I don't think the game completely fails, or even comes closes to that, but I do think a few major flaws preventing this game from being that enjoyable or fun to play with someone.

Okay, I caved. The bug fix should be out now.

Hey, yeah, I have no idea why that's happening to some people, and I think it would be a little ingenuine to update the game while votes are going on for the jam, so, I'll make sure to update it as soon as the voting period ends, and I'm sorry this huge bug ruined the game for you.

Thanks for the review, and I'll try to fix that bug as soon as possible.

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, the intro could've maybe been a few minutes shorter, but I'm glad you enjoyed it despite that! Also, yay for the game not completely breaking at the part with the mushrooms!

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Hey, thanks! Yeah, even while holding 'C' to skip through text faster, it's still a little slow, and I could see how it could be hard to read. The mushroom thing really confuses me, though, as I just tested it again and had no problems with them, but I've gotten a couple of complaints about them. I dunno what the issue is there, but I'm glad you managed to get passed them, despite their... Issues. :p.

Anywho, thanks for playing and leaving a review, and I'm glad you enjoyed the game, (despite its bugs).