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I want to play this!

Mini update, reworked some stuff from yesterday.

Oh, haha I must've been tired last night. I literally didn't even consider how many tiles the GB shows at one time. So yeah, right now it's 8x8 tiles, so really I'll end up with more than twice as much screen real estate, which is fab. Thanks for pointing this out! It means I'll have to remake a bunch of the tiles, but the end result will be much nicer.

I'm using Unity, actually, and I'm fairly certain that the collusion bump is a result of having the camera as a direct child of the player. This is just a placeholder so I could test the movement, I fully expect to resolve it when I actually get around to writing the camera script.

I'll hop on the discord when I get home this afternoon (~2pm CST). If someone is interested in helping with sfx, music, or sprites, I'd definitely be interested in collaboration.

Oh? I linked them from Twitter, maybe there's a hosting issue. Anyone else? (I can still see them fine)

One more update for tonight before contented sleep :)

Did some work on basic player movement (KB & Gamepad both supported!), collisions, and put in a HUD placeholder.

Here, have a GIF!

Known issues currently are:

  • Bouncing on collision (I kind of like it maybe tho? Remember in DOOM when you run against a wall? "UH! UH! UH! UH!")
  • Need to better differentiate stone and wood tiles
  • Weird off-pixel artifacts during movement

Plans for tomorrow:

  1. Shooting
  2. Basic enemy behaviour
  3. Refine map

Hello fellow GBJammers! This is my first game jam! Not my first game though. Anyway, in honour of spooky month, and in light of the fact that I will only have evenings to work on it, I've decided to demake a game instead of coming up with an original concept. Hopefully, there are many other people here as old as I am, who also still have love for this classic title.

So far, I've made some basic sprites (no animations yet), and have blocked out the first level, which is called The Docks. For two hours of work, I feel pretty good about it! I'm hardly a pixel artist, but I feel happy enough to have made recognizable tiles and sprites within the 8x8 pixel constraint.

Anyway, here, have some pictures!

Sorry for the artifacts in the map, cropping the screencap donked it up pretty bad.