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worth d THi everyone. Firstly, I would like to thank the developers for creating such a unique and original game idea. I do have some suggestions/ideas though that would greatly enhance the game experience for all players:

1: Difficulty selection - I have had to restart my game at least 20+ times within the first 30 minutes due to dehydration, starvation and becoming shark lunch and all the while struggling to gather even the most basic resources to begin to expand or start to play the game. It would be great if there would be a beginners/novice difficulty for those who have not played a game like this in the past. I know of several other people who have tried this game but had the same death repeat death repeat death experience and this has stopped them from continuing to play.

2: Starting resources - As referenced in point 1, I have been struggling to obtain any resources after starting a game. Maybe on easier difficulty levels the player could have a small amount of resources to be able to construct the basic necessities to allow the game to last more than 5 minutes.

3: Longer time periods before dehydration and starvation sets in - I am finding that I can barely craft a hammer before I'm dehydrated, let alone a water purifying station. I've coughed out more times than I can count trying to establish a foundation.

4: When you kill that pesky shark it should at least drop some food or materials! The amount of logs it eats, there should be a whole chest worth of items. Maybe even a whale or 2 to take care of them!

Overall, I did enjoy playing this game but my experience would be greatly enhanced if these ideas/suggestions may be given some consideration.

Thank you for your hard work in creating this concept.


The shark does drop shark meat. You just have to stab it with your spear until it vanishes. I've usually gotten about 8 or so pieces of meat from one shark, if I remember correctly. Just cook it up and it gives you a LOT of food and a decent amount of water.

Dang, how'd you get 8? I manage to only get 6 out of it before it sinks.


You're given a hook. If you reel in materials, you can build a spear, distiller, campfire, and fishing rod fairly fast. Once you have that down, raft expansion is easy, and you can build nets. Since the shark only attacks every so often, you can spend your time building and gathering what your nets have collected.

If anything, some form of guidance on teaching that the hook can reel in floating materials needs added, or perhaps how to craft for water and food. It's terribly easy once you start up, as long as you know how to get started.

The thing is it's very hard to use the hook when you are face to face with lag that makes key delay and when you look around it's very slow so you can't catch up with drafting items. Of course that could just be a personal problem but not everyone has a fast computer/laptop.

Then that has nothing to do with the difficulty or how hard it is to actually play the game and know how to do things. Novice difficulty or starting resources would never make up for your system not being able to run the game.

What you need to be asking for instead is optimization, or at least getting a "minimum system requirements" listed to tell you that you can't handle it.

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Eh alright. I just got done doing finals so you do you boo. Too tired to state my opinions/statements in a respectable mannor. I'm very cranky lmao.

Thanks though.

I dunno about the difficulty. I'm doing all right. Sure, it took a bit of learning, but even on my first play through, I didn't die of starvation or dehydration. It's a mad dash for resources right off the bat, yeah, but after the first ten minutes, it's really only about expanding your raft more and making yourself more comfortable. It takes some getting used to, but I don't think it's all that bad. Get everything you can early on, and craft what you need as soon as you have the resources (water purifier first, can second, fishing rod third, cooking station fourth).