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Does this game support UK's English or American's English?

If I type Colour instead of Color is this a valid word? Also are they both valid which would be the most preferable?


I'm using a word list that I found online and checked real quick: both "color" and "colour" are on there (as are "neighbor" and "neighbour" - seems it's pretty consistent in allowing UK and US spellings), so you can use both variants!

As for which is preferable in-game: "color" is easier to spell, since it doesn't require you to have a "u", but "colour" is a longer word, so it would give you more points and extra letters!


May you post a link to the word-list.

I'm looking into making a text based game as well.


I'm using this list, specifically the 'words_alpha.txt' file! Good luck with your game!


thanks. <3