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Hey, I discovered something new today.

When you are in the last room (near to 52XP) and if you have no more enemies to kill, the game doesn't allow you to escape the room even if you use all the potions and shield in it.

Let's see :

Last room :

After I select all the cards, the game is not finished (and if I press "Run" nothing happen)

EDIT1: Had the same bug, with 2 cards only and select the shield at the end.

EDIT2 : I can have "Completed dungeon !" message when I chose a potion at the end. So it seems to be a "last shield selected in last room" bug here :)

Looking into this right now :)

Any news? I downloaded the game today and found the same bug on my first time escaping the dungeon. Not a big deal, it just reduced the emotion of winning :-)

Hi! That last room potion bug should be fixed.

You have the latest build? What do you mean by "escaping the dungeon" :)

I downloaded the Windows 10 64-bit from yesterday. I don't know how to tell what the last build is. By "escaping the dungeon" I mean win. I recall the game telling me "you've escaped the dungeon" or something like it, when I won a second time.

Oh! The second win in a row. Let me test this out right now :)

It was the first one... the second one (after restarting the game) worked fine.