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I'm in top50 :

Nice demo ! I love Monolith (still playing it actually), and already love this one :) 

Thx my Uberwenig chéri d'amour!

Works very well for me ! Thanks a lot !

Nope, doesn't work. I'll continue to investigate. Thx

Hi, the game is supposed to run at 60fps? Demo runs only at 40-45 fps... (I have Ryzen 2600x, 16go ram, Nvidia 1660ti...), anything I can do about this? Thx !

Ok, thx for the tips !

Amazing bullet hell game, thx for it ! It is possible to have a visual indication of our hitbox? Thx.

Looks amazing ! Can't wait to see the future of this game ! Thx a lot for your work !

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Thx for taking your time to fix them quickly !

EDIT : Testing the new build right now :

2 new bugs discovered :

-Taking a potion does nothing (the HP meter does not increase)...

-When you die you can't restart because your HP stay negative... so you can't take any card.

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Thanks to this article I just discovered aliceffekt's Bandcamp ( and I really love what I heard ! Perfect to play with Donsol :)

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Hey, I discovered something new today.

When you are in the last room (near to 52XP) and if you have no more enemies to kill, the game doesn't allow you to escape the room even if you use all the potions and shield in it.

Let's see :

Last room :

After I select all the cards, the game is not finished (and if I press "Run" nothing happen)

EDIT1: Had the same bug, with 2 cards only and select the shield at the end.

EDIT2 : I can have "Completed dungeon !" message when I chose a potion at the end. So it seems to be a "last shield selected in last room" bug here :)

Donsol community · Created a new topic Yeah !

Great news, RPS wrote an article about Donsol :) And they really like it ! :)

It works only in the web version. Windows version still remain really small for me (27" 1440p here...).

Sounds cool !

Donsol community · Created a new topic Bugs thread

I just download the new WIN version executable. And after a successful run in Donsol, I began a new game, and when I push the "Run" button, the game reset every time to room n°1.

Problem solved by shutting down the .exe and start a new one.

(sorry for my bad english...)

Can it be possible to have the option of resizing the main window? Thanks !