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I think it needs more new craft. We can move with small boats, archery, clothing increased resistance on underwater shark attack, ...

- Add some recipes and ecosystems such as birds, fish, or using tools such as fishing nets ...

- Add Day and night.

- Some of the oasis, the boat sank, (if there is a mini map and small boats). The idea caught on the island animals and new food?

+ Can not live on the island - tide if there day and night (logic xD).

Sorry for my English is not good. I am French :((


I like the island idea and the idea that at night a tide comes in and covers the whole island causing you to have to swim back to a boat or drown.


Amazing idea of having an island with a tide. Exploration is a later developed thing but it is definitely one of the key components of a game like this. I would love to see this game of different species of animals as well as a ecosystems and biomes. Another wonderful idea is to expand the ocean, as in make it more diverse in color with different animals and scary stuff. :)

i think a cool thing would be to have a moveable raft with like an motor or something or disconnect from one part

The main problem with a 'motor' is some form of electricity to make it. I suppose if magnets were added and scrap could be refined into copper wires, it would be possible, but logically, it would take ages to make a motor powerful enough to move a raft the theoretical size it is in the game. Even a small one or two square raft wouldn't work. Wood may be light (especially certain types of palm wood), but wood that isn't smooth will create lots of resistance. You'd hardly be able to move at all, let alone fight any strong currents. (I've taken physics classes in high school.) The most logical thought would be sails or the ability to make a single, massive, stationary raft (base) and a few small rafts to take on trips away from the main raft.