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So I just tried to play it again doing what you recommended and got the game to work.

First off, the camera is way too close to the player model when you are in the city area and I cant control the camera with my mouse.

Since this is a twin stick shooter, maybe make the right or left stick control the camera rotation. (assuming there's no enemies in the city to fight)

Also, the enter key is an awkward key to use when you need to perform actions in the game. I would probably use F or E so its easier for the user to pick things up or open doors without having to move their hands.

Once I got inside a building I killed one of the baddies with a health bar over their head and they dropped some spinning colorful thing. Once I tried to pick it up, the game crashed.

Overall, I'd say the game needs a lot of work but I can see see what you are going for and I think it has potential.

So the game is definitely intended to be played with a controller, the shoulder buttons would control the camera rotation.  I made some changes yesterday to the music system which I was worried would cause it to crash when picking up items, unfortunately its really hard to test in Unreal because the editor will play the game fine, and then it crashes in packaging without giving any kind of indications to why.  

It is an early release but I definitely think these kind of bugs are unacceptable,  I am hoping to have them all fixed in the next week since that's the submission deadline for IGF.  

I'll fix the camera as well, I agree it is a little close and I cant really remember why I didn't bother fixing it. 

Sorry for all the problems, hate to find out about them this way but it's a good learning experience.

Not a problem at all, I am perfectly satisfied knowing that I helped improve your game.