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A couple of bugs for you to squash:

  • If a mind controlled enemy moves onto another enemy and both cards drop to zero hp, the non-controlled enemy will remain on the board with 0 hp. It doesn't consume weapon damage to attack it (and it removes itself when attacked, as expected) but it can't be targeted by skills. Fireballs don't appear to ever hit it and a Throwing Dagger will miss it every time. 
  • On mobile, when the phone is rotated from vertical to horizontal the game rotates and scales itself down according to the lower height. However, it doesn't scale back up when rotating back to vertical. It stays at the smaller size.

Thank you for the feedback! I locked mobile version to the vertical orientation,  so scaling shouldn't be the problem there (although issue might persist in mobile web version) and also added a few precautions to avoid dead cards staying on the table.