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I wish you didn't lie about ripping the sprites, you absolutewly 100% ripped these sprites. If you made them yourself, there'd be more than a single enemy. Sure, you edited in sex scenes, but the rest are 1:1 with the in game sprites, I know bc i checked it. literally the same shit. 

don't be dishonest, jeez


Hey temmienko, thanks for your comment. 

About 80% of the work was done way before the game came out so we couldn't have ripped the sprites, and if you know where to look you can see the differences ;) 

We wanted to keep the same style, so seems like a win in our book that you thought they were! 


I made a thread explaining that we did not rip anything.

There's only one enemy because of time. We wanted to release this as close to the original's release date.

The sprites are not 1:1. It's not hard to see they are different on my comparison. And the 2nd and 3rd attacks are just whole completely different actions.