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No mac version yet.

Maybe in the future.

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Ideally all of them would be added, but that would be years of work.

But yes, it would have multiple reapers.

Most likely not. I don't really see the game as a browser game.

Unsure at the moment but we'd like to.

There's currently no save file like that yet. Should have an easy way to reset save in the future tho.

Extract the file then open the application with the game title.

Unzip with winrar 

Unzip with winrar, then open the crimr application in the folder.


Main menu would be added later. As mentioned the game is in a really early state.

I use clip studio paint 

Can you read?

The latter.

Don't flirt with anyone else and favor Lafi and Rafi in choices that include them.

How exactly do you evaluate character design? For you to say they're just fine.

Also the music are placeholders as mentioned on the description.

Flirt with Neu instead of the twins

Not too sure about that. Better to buy it when the game is actually finished and available here.

Sure I don't mind.

The lewd animations don't have mosaic censor.

It says 0.12 for me too but it has the update. 
As I said, you need to go the correct route. Stay with Mykka and Intoh to get her lewd.

There's a drive link in the download page for other versions of the apk for different devices.

Uncensored is on my game patreon.

The file is correct. Are you going the correct route to get to the new update?

Have you actually checked the game if the update is there? Or if the file size is bigger than the previous build.

Your phone might just not be updating the number.

You're totally missing the point of her character if you still think she's dysphoric.

What? You really need to go back and read thoroughly.

There's no topic of dysphoria at all. It's just a simple fact that my reapers shifts personality when they transform to their reaper form.

Sui isn't unhappy about her loli form. She's just embarrassed that she turns tsundere when she's originally assertive.

And idk if you realize, but there's branching routes for the other reapers. You said you only went trough the "whole" vn once and only talked about Sui.

There's a drive link on the download page for different versions of the installer.

There's an android build

Self reported you're not attracted to grown women oof

You should know when you play it

It's not a bug.


I don't think this would be on nutaku even when it's done.

The 4th day would be the last.

Please read. I already mentioned there's no new content after Neu thighjob. You need to reject her to go the other route.

As mentioned on the post, you need to go a different route for the update.

I just updated the drive link

H or right click. Not available on android.

The swimsuit is just a version with her on a swimsuit instead of her regular clothes.