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No plan for an android version 

We actually were thinking about having this, but in the end, what's the point ya know? 

you didn't even say please... so no

to help support us :) 

nah, just a spooky silence ;) 

Awesome feedback! And would love to someday come back to complete the vision. Maybe not this year... but stay tuned!


then get it!

lol how?

Crazy! Why not just get Blender or something else free? 

You won't find one, sorry. 

Try using the main game page?

Not currently, but I've heard if you use Wine it will run well! 


There is no official way to play this on a phone as of now


Thanks for the kind words and fun ideas!

But your support helps us make more ;)

it IS free lol

You can find the file your save is kept in and then delete that, but no way to do it in the game. 

(1 edit)

Thanks for the kind words! We had a lot planned from the start of this project, and didn't get to fully realize everything we had planned. Maybe one year's halloween will get to expand on more but not planned at the moment 

no plans for that

Working on other games for sure, Annue has some ideas too ;) Stay tuned! 

Yes, good job! 

We've seen people get much higher numbers than that ;) 

It's crazy! Guess we are too popular so people trying to cash in ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


oh, ok :/ 

glad you got it to work! I've had some people try and use wine before with different amounts of success. 

Why would there be hate? Annue made a cute gif and we wanted to make a game out of it


ughh gross

dang that sucks :/ not much we can do however 


no clue

Not likely anytime soon, but yea, follow for updates ;)

Did you unzip the file? 

what do you mean?

maybe for the next game ;)

What more would you want to see? :) 

There is always this year's halloween maybe ;)