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Awesome! Thanks for the feedback!! 

Thanks for your kind words and maybe can make something bigger for you in the future!! 

Testing the waters with this style, so maybe! 

I do love some good Wine ;) 

Try to re-download and make sure all the files are in the right/same place :P 

The "Locked for now" doors are unfinished rooms but maybe they will be unlocked in a future update ;) 

The noise is the scare yes, but only last for short time and is very random!

Having something catch you and do thing to/with you was deff an idea we had but didn't have time to really implement. 
The spooker is random so that's why sometimes you might not see it for a while ;) 

Not sure yet ๐Ÿ˜…

We do have some plans for updates here for sure ๐Ÿ˜‰

But also might wanna do a project for another holiday that's coming up and maybe save the updates here for next year spooky season ๐ŸŽƒ

Glad you enjoyed it hehe ;) 
No updates currently planned but stay tuned for future news!

You can't unlock them in this build :(
Maybe some time in the future ;D 

Maybe only one ;) 

It's a secret sound ;) 

No sounds expect for something that's a random secret ;) 

Hope you aren't too spooked >.< 

It is deff something I was working on, and a few ideas had to be rushed out as I only have a little 3D experience, but maybe next time for sure hehe. Future spooks here we come!! 

It's a secret ;) 

The artists are free to use their work elsewhere and I'm sure a few will be releasing them out ;)

I didn't make it super clear but if you hold the 'esc' button for a second it will quit the game! 

Also that's part of the fun of not knowing if you found everything not or not hehe ;P

Thank you! :D


Is this not full enough for you?!? 
We might do some updates :)

If you are really motivated I'm sure you can make it work ;) 

They stay on for the BJ ;) 

Yes I know many of those people and games!!

Yes I do know about them!! They are making some great stuff too

Thanks for letting us know! 

It wasn't possible when making this game but if we do an update I'll see what we can do to make sure it runs on Mac! 

Hey temmienko, thanks for your comment. 

About 80% of the work was done way before the game came out so we couldn't have ripped the sprites, and if you know where to look you can see the differences ;) 

We wanted to keep the same style, so seems like a win in our book that you thought they were! 

Thank you so much for the kind words and support!! 

That might be the plan ;) 

You should use 1.1 if it works for you cause it's better and has more stuff :) 

I'll look into it, but I wouldn't have any way to test it tbh. 

That's at the top of our list for sure!! 

Hehe ;3

Deff wanna add in some more stuff if we have the support :) 
And like a lewd lose anim?!? 

Yes this is a bug! I fix soon! TY <3 

Ha! That would be really fun but I have no idea how to do that at the moment. 

If it's easy enough to learn than maybe? 

maybe there is some other setting on your computer but I am not sure. sorry!

Are you on a 64 bit computer? 

Updates are currently on hold as we are preparing for our next project! 
Feel free to follow on here or twitter for the most up to date news 

the blue are ice pads so they are slippery but only really noticeable when moving laterally a lot!

Glad you've enjoyed it!! 

Short Stack!

How does it work now?