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I enjoy the game as a whole. I can't imagine writing all that dialogue in another language. The art is great, and the story flows well. My only issue is the male4male content seems somewhat bland, with each scene being the same variation big dick to hole spreading to alpha male and then cum inflation. It becomes predictable. I understand that mastering potions is the thing, but picking each ingredient is a bit of an eyesore for potions I don't make often. I'm on the 60th day area, and right now, I'm at a lost at what to do. Either way, great game, and I hope development runs smoothly :3

Edit: Maybe add a feature to have something tell you where to go next? Also, maybe drinking gay or straight potions can make you resistant to teases from the respective genders

English is not my first language, that's why the scenes can look similar. It's hard for me to write things completely different because I'm not that experienced. Sometimes I have a hard time writing anything to be honest. So the settings changes, characters and place changes, but there's only that many ways of how I can write a sex scene. It all depends if the player is dominant or not, so with all the alternatives one scene can take a lot of time to write, even if the player see only one version. 

About the mechanics. Some of the later enemies already take into consideration if the player is into their gender or not. Being immune to teasing would make the fight a little bit unfair, so for now I slowly change it that the opponent is attacking instead of teasing. It's not working with everything yet. 

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oh yea sorta like the scar bossfight... the bandits seduce you and you end up losing if you cant beat him fast enough or didnt bring any libido potions. it would be unfair if you only had to heal... and against the nymph her attacks are weak but her seductions do alot.... being gay and being immune would be super broken making it easy to farm her for money and breaking certain mechanics.

Oh. Thank you for taking the time to reply.  Yeah, that makes sense. I'm looking forward to new stuff. I hope you can experience new stuff because it'll make life and the story a lot more fun.  There's a lot of sex writing too, so props to you, but I love the game. Otherwise, I wouldn't have played it for so long.