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Sweet idea, though it should be called the Mirror Mech instead of bot

I like the alliteration, but I feel like "bot" just has to be in everything. It seems like a running theme in the enemies, but that could just be me.

well... there IS spidertron 5000 and 6000...

Hmmmm.... this is true... I suppose we shall see whether this trend continues or not as more and more enemies are introduced to the game. Could go either way.

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I feel like when doborog adds more non humanoid enemies into the game, he will think surnames for them other than "bot"

which reminds me, doborog, if you see this, what ever happened to that dog-like robot whit the saw for a face? doborog? doborog?!?! doborog!!!!!!!!!! R.I.P. Doborog. killed by dog automaton of his own creation

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(Commentatron) Don't worry, his mind will be transfered to a MK1 Sword Robot