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The small animation at the beginning is really fun ! Sound is a bit repetitve but voices are nice.

Level 2 is tough to finish, too bad I'm stuck I wanted to see how it ends :)

Maybe you can include some checkpoints or make smaller levels, starting over every time is a bit discouraging. But maybe you wanted to target "hard core" plateform gamer (which is not my case !).

Congrats again !

Try replaying it! The post jam update makes it a LITTLE easier: maybe you can see the ending? :D

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I tried and failed again ahah :D I made it to what is I guess the final boss level but I'm stuck at some point, the camera look back to the big character and a bat is killing me during the animation :( I tried 5 times to go quicker but I'm always dying ! Even if it's a bit frustrating I had fun playing your game, nice improvements by the way, music and sounds looks neater !

Oh no! It's just a matter of being quick enough :D

Still glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the kind words! :D