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Hey Mika, like Diego said, you need to interact with the toilet picture and then go to the toilet again to find  a new clue. There's also a piece behind one of the doors that most people don't find. Let us know if you manage to finish it! : 

Hey, yeah I managed to find all of those; I was missing the one from under the rug in the central room. This time I got a couple more pieces, but I'm stuck again. I did get the pieces at the toilet, table and bed; though I couldn't complete the next photo.

Did you use the key to open the closet? And the one when you close the door inside the bedroom?

Yeah, I got the one in the closet. Though, I didn't realise that there are also hidden pieces that can only be accessed by closing doors. I would say that's not very intuitive to players.

We updated the game with a little hint to get that polaroid piece, and a lot of other things. And you can play if from the browser if you want, check it out  : )