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What a unique little experience this was! I was very pleasantly suprised by how much depth this wee puzzle platform game has!

The whole idea of having more than one character to switch between isn't a new idea, of course, but the art style and the feel of the whole thing had an odd, eerie charm that I can't say I've come across before!

Basically you take control of a sheep and a chicken (quite odd-looking specimens, to be truthful) attempting to escape from a slaughterhouse. There's a lot of macabre things hiding in plain sight in this game (like boxes full of what seem to be human body parts and pools of blood sloshing around), and it'll definitely leave you feeling strangely uneasy... in the best possible way!

Definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a quirky platform game, and a tip of the hat to the devs, keep up the awesome work =)


Thx dude for all the warm words. I remember your video on April Snowfall, another game I made some time ago. Hope to see you around, good luck with your channel and persist with good work!


Thanks man, already posted a comment on it. It means a lot.