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First of all, thanks a lot for this extensive comment!

Let's see here, this will probably be a giant reply as well and I'll try to comment on most of what you said.

Let's just start with addressing all the "player is naked, physics, etc" comments as I've read plenty of them.

The reasoning for the player being in her underwear is that I've always seen it like you have to be basically naked in a cryotank and I obviously couldn't make her completely naked so I had to go with some middle ground.

Being basically naked also makes you feel more helpless which is exactly what I was going for.

I could of course have made it into something like a swimming suit or whatever but I did not think of that until people started commenting about it so it is what it is.

As for the "jiggle physics" as people usually comment, I don't know what people expect there, it's literally like 4 pixels moving 1 pixel up and down just to add more dynamic to the animation. It only makes sense for things to move there, otherwise it would just be completely static around the chest and that would probably look worse.

So this is not really going to change.. at most I might redo the sprites for the 500th time and make it a sort of swimming suit but that will probably not happen any time soon.

I'm not taking a stab at you here or anything, just trying to explain why it is how it is.

You just can't really win when it comes to things like this, if you fix that thing then something else is wrong and it goes on forever.

As for the "clone" comments and such, Super Metroid is one of my most favorite games ever so of course I'm going to make it as close as possible to that game, so people calling it a clone or whatever is not really surprising to me. Yes, I may have gone a bit too far in a lot of cases but I've been trying to add some more "me" or however you should call it, into those things. I'm still trying to move more towards "me" and will continue to do so until the game is done. One comment in particular was a bit annoying since it is flat out wrong, the one about me tracing SM graphics, all of the graphics have been made from scratch, they are not even the same size as in SM, pretty much half the size actually. Of course I've looked at SM sprites and used them as references though, that only makes sense when you want to make a very similar game. I also have plans to rework the suit at some point to make it look less like the SM one as well. I don't know what else to say about this.

Oh, one thing though, when people compare it to metroid fusion, funny thing is... I've never *really* played that game, maybe a tiny bit many years ago. I have *seen* most of it though from streams and such but never really played it.

About the gore and such, I won't say much, but unless something changes along the way, then there is a reason the dead bodies and such exist.

Ok, now that that is out of the way let's get to the gameplay comments:

Item Pickups: I have gotten this comment before about the boss enemies, seems like there is still some tweaking to do there.

Crouching: I get what people are saying, I know it's not the usual type of crouch, it should probably be a crawl, the problem I have here is that if it was a crawl it would look like you could go through 1 tile gaps which should not be possible. But it is still on the long term list to possibly convert it into some kind of crawl, I'm just not sure yet how to solve this.

Jumping: Not sure how to solve the "up" room transition any other way than it is right now, this is probably something everyone has to get used to.

The left/right wall jump actually has a setting in the gameplay options right now which removes this behaviour, left/right no longer let's go off ledge grab with this enabled, this setting might be turned on by default later at some point.

And yes, you are pretty much correct about the missing animation, technically there's no missing animation but I have plans to possibly add a wall kick like animation for ledge grab jumps, with possibly some more horizontal speed added to make it feel like a stronger/longer jump.

Control Fluidity: I'm not sure what people mean here as I've gotten some similar comments before, some player states like turning/transitions lock player input for a tiny moment, I suppose this is what people may be referring to. It could also be controller stick sensitivity and deadzone setting issues if one were to use the stick for movement, otherwise those should have no effect. Other than these things, I don't really know what to do here. I play 95% of the time on keyboard so controllers have not been as thoroughly tested.

Collision Detection When Shooting: This is known and will be fixed at some point, probably after I rework the suit a bit.

Sounds In General: Most of the current sounds will be reworked later at some point, same with the music so expect this to change.

Okay so let me just straight up say this right away:

There will be no morph ball in this game.

There is already an upgrade in the game intended to replace this.

Your idea is not bad however, probably more interesting that what is actually in the game right now and it definitely sounds like something that could be in a game like this. But now that you've already told me this, it unfortunately makes this less interesting for me to add, mostly because you or anyone else reading this will know about it. Sure, it would get spoiled on day one anyway but you probably know what I mean. I do have some other things planned though and unless things change in the future then there will hopefully be some more interesting stuff happening later. If I find any use of your idea for other things though then I may choose to add something similar/related to that. ;)

As for the choice of male or female character, this is probably not going to happen, mostly because it would involve even more work and as you said, it really shouldn't matter.

This is one of the best types of feedback so it's no problem that it is a lot as it helps me improve the game in multiple aspects.

And yes, the game has a lot of "inspiration" from super metroid, some almost straight up copying, I'm not hiding these facts. Bottom line is: I'm just trying to make super metroid but not super metroid at the same time.

Sorry it took a couple of days to respond to this, I pretty much took a break from working on this last week so I chose to not respond to most comments during this time as well.

Anyway, hope you like the final product when it is done and thanks a lot for the feedback. :)

If I missed anything you said in this post then just tell me again in a reply or something, since the post was quite big.

And also, now I will just feel bad if I get this wrong, you're referring to Mega Man and Quake with the blaster and quad comment right? ;) I didn't even think of this until you said it.


Apologies for any points at which my grammar may've stumbled. It was quite late when I finished this comment.

I'll try to clear up anything I might not've explained too well, and just show I fully understand what the deal is. It's good to talk in-depth about this, but I don't want to take up all your time with it. That being said, here's another lengthy comment.

I honestly hadn't thought about that aspect with her attire at the start, and now you've explained that, not only am I completely on board with it, but I also request that the sprite not be changed any further; You've had to work on that enough by the sound of it, but this is an artistic statement. This is your idea, and it's relevant to the game. I take back what I've mentioned about the character model, and would just like to say thank you for reminding me of a time when artistic value wasn't stifled by whining about being offended.

And just for the record; Despite the fact I said anything about it, that wasn't the direction I was coming from. I'm just an oddball is all. But after seeing other people lean so heavily on that one, I feel bad about it. Seriously, I hope I haven't replied too late, and you're not already changing that sprite.

I know this may sound weird, but I immediately recognised the level of love for Super Metroid, the second that cryo tank started counting down. I remember pre-ordering SM when it was on the shelves, and booting it up for the first time. For what it's worth; I think you nailed that same kind of feeling, and getting to play even these first 30 minutes that are subject to change was like experiencing that again.

If you mean the comment/thread I think you mean... You really shouldn't get too worked up about it. That person is badly in need of professional help. It was an argument that no one could win, because he was only interested in antagonising people. I'd call it trolling, but it just turned out to be tragic.

It has occured to me that you're on what's left of your ship for a very short time, and then it's onto Zordak itself. Starting off with Station X is the main reason I went "Oh yeah, Fusion" (Despite the fact you have Ceres Station in SM).

Still, I'd recommend trying to get a copy of that one. It's probably the creepiest in the Metroid series.

Oh & speaking of; Really like the sound of that ominous statement on all the corpses. Sounds like this planet is going to be a bad time in the best ways.

Alright, gameplay stuff;

- Glad I could help confirm any issues with pickups.

- As said, it's easy to get used to the crouching, so if it stays the same, people will just have to pay more attention to the controls.

- I did not spot that option, and how you plan to improve this part will nullify the issues I mention. Good to hear that more animation is on the agenda as well. I know stuff like this takes hours, and don't want to seem demanding & ignorant.

Also, I have no problem with the transition, if you mean between rooms. Didn't even think of that since it's a room transition. That's all fine.

- Here's another attempt with the control fluidity; When doing a running jump, it feels like she's a bit resistant to jumping forward in accordance with how fast she runs. It doesn't break the flow, but it does kind of jolt it. But since you plan to give her more horizontal speed, that should fix it.

As for the crouching, the only thing I could recommend is giving her the ability to crouch while on the move. This does slow down the pacing by just a fraction of a second. However, it pays to remember that Metroid didn't sort out this kind of thing until the Prime games, and even then, you still have to watch her transform into a ball for a second or two. The only game that actually gives you a smooth transition between standing & morph ball is AM2R & possibly Samus Returns.

- Again, glad I could confirm something that's already on the list of fixes.

- Looking forward to whatever changes are made with the audio.

I did think about trying to message you privately about that idea, because that thought had occured as well. Also looked for a way to do so, but nearly as hard as I could've looked. Either way, it's no worries if the ideas not of any use, but if it can be used for anything in the game then all the better :3 I'll say this; If it doesn't show up in the end result, that's fine. But if it does, I assure you I'll go "Ayyy!", then feel a bit smug. Probably.

I'm really glad to hear that response from you on the character front. Again, the choices you've made to convey the story should stay as your decision. After hearing about it, I can safely say it matters that you stick to your guns & don't worry about people choosing to complain because they don't get the point. That's why critics & fans get to rave on about this kind of stuff years after something comes out; It's given time to be deciphered.

Any delay is fine, and I know this is a lot to talk about. My objective with all this is to be helpful & supportive, but I don't want to distract you from making any progress. If it takes a while, it takes a while.

Lastly, you'd be 100% correct on the references! :D However, I will admit to being a bigger fan of Quake, and the starting weapon in the second game happens to also be called the Blaster.

Thank you for taking the time to look through all of this, and I hope that I was able to be clearer on anything that might've been confusing. Please remember; I'm fine with any delayed response, if you feel the need to say anything further. I know exactly what it's like to have this kind of workload.

Best of luck with moving forward.


I have not begun changing any sprites yet, in fact, I have not really started working yet either, only started watching gameplay videos and replying to comments.

So no, your reply was not too late. ;)

I'm glad that was the experience you had with the game as that is basically the feeling I'm trying to recreate.

It's probably the same comment thread and no, I'm not really worked up about it.

It's just a bit annoying when they keep spreading false information though.

So I take it there's a station in fusion also called "Station X"?

I just couldn't come up with anything better at the time so that's the name it got.

And yeah, I should probably play through fusion for real at some point.

The ledge grab option should be there or something is wrong but yeah, as I said before, it might become the default later anyway.

I kinda see what you mean with the running and jumping thing and kinda don't at the same time but it will probably be improved at some point, either accidentally or intentionally. ;)

Same with the crouching, you should already be able to crouch on the move unless I'm misunderstanding something here.

Well, we will see if any part of your idea makes it into the game, not giving any promises or anything. ^^

My email is visible on my twitter:

That would probably be the best way to contact me privately if needed.

I played Doom more than Quake back then but I still think Quake is good. ;)

Anyway, thanks again for the reply, I tried to respond to most things but as stated before, I didn't 100% get what you mean with the jumping and crouching parts. ^^


Good to know it's not too late to say what I've said ^^; Your explanations have gotten me thinking about a lot of stuff in that regard. Glad I got to speak with you about this stuff.

Believe me, that thread isn't worth getting worked up over, so you've got the right idea. I wasn't joking either; That person is in need of help. There's deliberately spreading misinformation, and there's just flailing wildly.

Zordak may have a different opening structure to SM, but you've got the 'Something's gone horribly wrong' vibe down with your tutorial level, and the immediate 'I'm not any safer' feeling with the planet. Details like that dark musical drone really helps, too. I love that kind of stuff.

So the whole of Fusion is set on a space station; The B.S.L. Research Station (Biologic Space Labs). There's also the fact that the enemies of that game are creatures known as the 'X Parasites'. Hopefully you can see where the general reminders comes from with that.

One particular reason I'd recommend looking/playing through Fusion is it's horror aspect. I won't bang on about that, but I offer my word as a Metroid fan since an early age; It's a pretty solid game.

If any of my issues with the movement are because of either my controller or overlooking things in the options, I will happily eat my words on things like the crouching.

I have thought of a better example for what I mean with the jumping aspect, though. Let's make the original Sonic games the example for this; Depending on how fast the character is running, that determines how far a gap they can clear. The faster they go, the further they can jump.

I know the Sonic games didn't inspire anything about this, but the way it feels in Zordak right now, it's the equivelant of getting some decent speed on Sonic, taking the leap forward, but the character has a set velocity for how far & high they can go.

It's also relevant to point out that this kind of kinetic energy is in SM (But none of the other Metroid games after that), so much so that they give you the speed boost to improve it.

Apologies if I'm just droning on about this now. It's just I thought this might be a much better explanation than just "It feels funny".

It's no worries if you don't end up using it, and I'll enjoy the game anyway :3

Haven't paid any real attention to Twitter for a while now. Long story short, got a lot to do right now. But I will take note of this in case anything comes up.

Yep, Doom was the first game I ever played. I kid you not. I was about 5. Quake wasn't until much later, but it still left one hell of an impression.

I really do hope this attempt at explaining what I mean went better this time, and that I'm not just being even more confusing than usual ^^;


Ah, well I see how someone could take fusion as a reference then.

And yeah, I know, I should probably play through it at some point, sooner rather than later.

Okay so.. pretty sure I think I know what you mean now with the jumping.

Basically you want more momentum/less "air" friction allowing for longer jumps depending on speed, something like that right?

I don't know off the top of my head right now if that actually exists already and if it does, it has a very small impact at this moment.

I'll look into experimenting with some more jumping momentum at some point.

You don't necessarily need to use twitter, I just have my email there for now to hopefully reduce spambots picking it up.

(not sure if this actually works or not though)

So if you need to send any private message, my email is listed there.

Yeah, Doom was one of my first games as well, didn't play as much Quake though but it is still good as mentioned earlier.

This time your explanation worked better I think, assuming I got it right, otherwise I'm completely lost. ;)

All I can say is it's worth it. No point in trying to stress how someone 'needs' to play one game or another. If you have the time, and you remember, all the better :3

Correct! That's exactly what I'm saying! :D If it's not present right now, at least you know what I mean. It would make a lot of difference if it could be implemented/boosted.

Thank you putting up with me trying to explain this & stumbling about along the way.

I'll use the email if there's any ideas I get with future updates. Any ideas I may put forward, I have no expectation of them making it into the game. But if even an aspect of one of those ideas is of any use, then it's worth it.

That's why it pays to be enthusiastic about something.

While we're on the subject of these games; I would recommend listening to the soundtrack of the first Quake. Very dark stuff. A very good study on how to convey a heavy atmosphere.

The soundtrack for the PSX version of Doom's really good as well. Just not quite as heavy as Quake.

I've subscribed on YouTube, and will be following this as it progresses. You've given me even more faith in this project :3


Yeah, I will play it at some point if I feel like I have the time and/or want to. :)

I tried experimenting a bit with some extra jump momentum, didn't really work out this time but I will try again later with a better method.

I did add some extra horizontal speed to ledge grab jumping though so at least that worked out.

We'll see what happens regarding your idea(s). ;)

I may take a look at the quake soundtrack if I remember later.

Thanks for subscribing, I mostly use the youtube for posting my speedruns right now though.

But when/if I start making videos about the game, I will be posting them there.

I'm sure any kind of smoothing out will be done as things progress. It's stupidly stressful trying to sort everything out in a linear way, especially for something of this scale.

You've been able to tweak one aspect already, so one thing at a time :3

Remember that I'm not saying anything about soundtracks with any particular ideas in mind. It's more of a general thing. Anything (else) more specific, I'll tell you privately.

That being said, I doubt you'd ever need this, but just in case; If for any reason you ever want to contact me & want an answer anytime soon, you can find me on DeviantArt or Patreon (Same username & avatar). I'm not trying to self-advertise or anything, it's just where I'm centered right now ^^;

Think of it this way; When you do start posting videos on Zordak, I'd like to be there to say something better than "Metroid ripoff! Axiom Verge is a thing!". Let's just hope others will have the same idea.


I have now added some extra jump momentum based on horizontal speed when running.

Might not work/be exactly what you or anyone else wanted but we'll just have to wait and see whenever I update the demo again, which probably won't happen for a while.

Yes, I understand what you mean about the soundtrack, I'm pretty sure I will like it in any case though. ^^

If I ever need to contact you more directly, I now know where to find you. :)

Yeah, I appreciate the subscription and yes, we can only hope people have the same idea as you in the end.

Also, this comment box is getting a bit small and crowded now. :P


However you tweak things, that's how it'll be. I may be a fan that likes to care, but it's your game. The only way you can make things 1000% how people want is by plugging your brain straight into theirs, so no worries. Feedback & ideas are what they are; Either useful, or for another time.

I guess it's wise to wrap this "little" thread up (>___>), so whenever & however we next talk, either via comments or messages, just know that I have my eye on this, and I'll see if I can help with anything if needed, even if it's just more thoughts on the next build :3

All the best!