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Good to know it's not too late to say what I've said ^^; Your explanations have gotten me thinking about a lot of stuff in that regard. Glad I got to speak with you about this stuff.

Believe me, that thread isn't worth getting worked up over, so you've got the right idea. I wasn't joking either; That person is in need of help. There's deliberately spreading misinformation, and there's just flailing wildly.

Zordak may have a different opening structure to SM, but you've got the 'Something's gone horribly wrong' vibe down with your tutorial level, and the immediate 'I'm not any safer' feeling with the planet. Details like that dark musical drone really helps, too. I love that kind of stuff.

So the whole of Fusion is set on a space station; The B.S.L. Research Station (Biologic Space Labs). There's also the fact that the enemies of that game are creatures known as the 'X Parasites'. Hopefully you can see where the general reminders comes from with that.

One particular reason I'd recommend looking/playing through Fusion is it's horror aspect. I won't bang on about that, but I offer my word as a Metroid fan since an early age; It's a pretty solid game.

If any of my issues with the movement are because of either my controller or overlooking things in the options, I will happily eat my words on things like the crouching.

I have thought of a better example for what I mean with the jumping aspect, though. Let's make the original Sonic games the example for this; Depending on how fast the character is running, that determines how far a gap they can clear. The faster they go, the further they can jump.

I know the Sonic games didn't inspire anything about this, but the way it feels in Zordak right now, it's the equivelant of getting some decent speed on Sonic, taking the leap forward, but the character has a set velocity for how far & high they can go.

It's also relevant to point out that this kind of kinetic energy is in SM (But none of the other Metroid games after that), so much so that they give you the speed boost to improve it.

Apologies if I'm just droning on about this now. It's just I thought this might be a much better explanation than just "It feels funny".

It's no worries if you don't end up using it, and I'll enjoy the game anyway :3

Haven't paid any real attention to Twitter for a while now. Long story short, got a lot to do right now. But I will take note of this in case anything comes up.

Yep, Doom was the first game I ever played. I kid you not. I was about 5. Quake wasn't until much later, but it still left one hell of an impression.

I really do hope this attempt at explaining what I mean went better this time, and that I'm not just being even more confusing than usual ^^;


Ah, well I see how someone could take fusion as a reference then.

And yeah, I know, I should probably play through it at some point, sooner rather than later.

Okay so.. pretty sure I think I know what you mean now with the jumping.

Basically you want more momentum/less "air" friction allowing for longer jumps depending on speed, something like that right?

I don't know off the top of my head right now if that actually exists already and if it does, it has a very small impact at this moment.

I'll look into experimenting with some more jumping momentum at some point.

You don't necessarily need to use twitter, I just have my email there for now to hopefully reduce spambots picking it up.

(not sure if this actually works or not though)

So if you need to send any private message, my email is listed there.

Yeah, Doom was one of my first games as well, didn't play as much Quake though but it is still good as mentioned earlier.

This time your explanation worked better I think, assuming I got it right, otherwise I'm completely lost. ;)

All I can say is it's worth it. No point in trying to stress how someone 'needs' to play one game or another. If you have the time, and you remember, all the better :3

Correct! That's exactly what I'm saying! :D If it's not present right now, at least you know what I mean. It would make a lot of difference if it could be implemented/boosted.

Thank you putting up with me trying to explain this & stumbling about along the way.

I'll use the email if there's any ideas I get with future updates. Any ideas I may put forward, I have no expectation of them making it into the game. But if even an aspect of one of those ideas is of any use, then it's worth it.

That's why it pays to be enthusiastic about something.

While we're on the subject of these games; I would recommend listening to the soundtrack of the first Quake. Very dark stuff. A very good study on how to convey a heavy atmosphere.

The soundtrack for the PSX version of Doom's really good as well. Just not quite as heavy as Quake.

I've subscribed on YouTube, and will be following this as it progresses. You've given me even more faith in this project :3


Yeah, I will play it at some point if I feel like I have the time and/or want to. :)

I tried experimenting a bit with some extra jump momentum, didn't really work out this time but I will try again later with a better method.

I did add some extra horizontal speed to ledge grab jumping though so at least that worked out.

We'll see what happens regarding your idea(s). ;)

I may take a look at the quake soundtrack if I remember later.

Thanks for subscribing, I mostly use the youtube for posting my speedruns right now though.

But when/if I start making videos about the game, I will be posting them there.

I'm sure any kind of smoothing out will be done as things progress. It's stupidly stressful trying to sort everything out in a linear way, especially for something of this scale.

You've been able to tweak one aspect already, so one thing at a time :3

Remember that I'm not saying anything about soundtracks with any particular ideas in mind. It's more of a general thing. Anything (else) more specific, I'll tell you privately.

That being said, I doubt you'd ever need this, but just in case; If for any reason you ever want to contact me & want an answer anytime soon, you can find me on DeviantArt or Patreon (Same username & avatar). I'm not trying to self-advertise or anything, it's just where I'm centered right now ^^;

Think of it this way; When you do start posting videos on Zordak, I'd like to be there to say something better than "Metroid ripoff! Axiom Verge is a thing!". Let's just hope others will have the same idea.


I have now added some extra jump momentum based on horizontal speed when running.

Might not work/be exactly what you or anyone else wanted but we'll just have to wait and see whenever I update the demo again, which probably won't happen for a while.

Yes, I understand what you mean about the soundtrack, I'm pretty sure I will like it in any case though. ^^

If I ever need to contact you more directly, I now know where to find you. :)

Yeah, I appreciate the subscription and yes, we can only hope people have the same idea as you in the end.

Also, this comment box is getting a bit small and crowded now. :P


However you tweak things, that's how it'll be. I may be a fan that likes to care, but it's your game. The only way you can make things 1000% how people want is by plugging your brain straight into theirs, so no worries. Feedback & ideas are what they are; Either useful, or for another time.

I guess it's wise to wrap this "little" thread up (>___>), so whenever & however we next talk, either via comments or messages, just know that I have my eye on this, and I'll see if I can help with anything if needed, even if it's just more thoughts on the next build :3

All the best!


Yeah, I know, I still appreciate all suggestions / ideas though. :)

Anyway, thanks a lot for all the feedback and I definitely appreciate your support!

Feel free to post a new comment or message me somewhere or whatever if you have any new suggestions. :)