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This is a great one. 
I managed to finish it without reading the instructions, thats a good thing, right? Lake and mug were really hard ones! I really like your idea, but I gotta say, the difficulty curve will be hard to define with this one, as with many other puzzles. 

I'd love to join you as a tester if you are interested in making more of these levels.   


Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad you liked it.

LAKE was meant to be hard, although I found an exploit just before submitting to solve it in a few clicks (check the video I've just added at the bottom).

I'm not currently developing this game, so it's pretty much a frozen jam entry at this point. However, I have yet to submit it to the Lexaloffle PICO-8 forum, which is a very good to get visibility, feedback, and make it easy to download from PICO-8.

I consider submitting to the forum at some point in the future, in which case I'll probably add a few levels, a main menu (with logo title) and keyboard control. I'll be sure to contact you for playtesting then!