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Hello! I love the idea of a LightBrowser! I tried it out and yes, it seems light but for some reason it isn't as fast as I expected. I hope it gets a little better later, I love that it is portable and I'm looking forward to try new versions!

For some reason, the Homepage button is always hidden. Even in fullscreen.

I hope it gets a scroll bar as well! Had a confusing time trying to find it. Used the arrow keys anyway, but I hope you get to add it.

Keep going and I hope to see new versions!

¡Siempre sucede lo mismo! ¡Hahahaha!
¡Me alegra igualmente! Estoy de acuerdo, creo que el juego incluso no necesita que especifiques un idioma, aunque si lo agregaras estaría muy bien para eso que mencionabas de los controles.

¡Sí! Realmente no me he percatado de que hayan muchos, pero hace poco llegué y estoy bastante interesado en todo lo que se hace aquí. ¡Saludos!

Yes! Those are great news! By now I think I have nothing else to say, but wanted to thank you and to tell you I  hope you do great as well!
P.S. Don't worry, your english looks nice. Mine is a little weird too since it isn't my first language neither, I'm mexican. 

A really tiny but cute game! I love the monochromatic style, like the one from Downwell and GatoRoboto... Is it easy to pull off? 

At the beggining, I was a little confused on how the game works (I didn't realized I had to use WASD for the menu), but once I got it it became easy... until I had to teleport while moving! Didn't thought about that at first. 

I like puzzle platformers so I enjoyed this one. If you want more feedback about other things I didn't mention, you can ask me directly...  

 I hope you make more levels! 

This is a great one. 
I managed to finish it without reading the instructions, thats a good thing, right? Lake and mug were really hard ones! I really like your idea, but I gotta say, the difficulty curve will be hard to define with this one, as with many other puzzles. 

I'd love to join you as a tester if you are interested in making more of these levels.   

I really liked it! It was a short but interesting experience. At the beggining, I was totally confused, but I understood your idea the more I went into it and when I started reading the log. 

 I really like the look of Adam's Bitsy, and you used it really well. 

I think there is not that much things to do with this kind of ideas unless you make it like Kingdom Hearts and just embrace the "no stage is related to the one before nor the one next", but I recalled my times as a kid playing with my toys and creating worlds in my head, Smash Bros-ish. 

Good little game, I hope you make more like this in the future.

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I like the animations, the responsiveness and the feel. However, the enemy is not getting any hits.  Also, for some reason, you can fall from the stage and never come back. I believe you know these things, but just to tell you, I'm looking forward to see the result if you go further with this.

Of course! I'll be back whenever the new version releases!

¡Hola Antonio! Quiero decirte que me parece muy bonito tu juego. Se ve lindo y el movimiento del personaje se siente correcto. Los saltos se sienten un poco flotantes, algo "tardados", no se si se entienda. Lo que si fue un poco mas dificil para mi es que, quiza sea el hecho de haberlo sacado en HTML5, pero el juego no me quiso reaccionar al input del Shift Izquierdo, de forma que me he quedado aqui sin poder hacer mas. 

Te recomiendo cambiarlo por alguna tecla un poco mas sencilla o universal, como puede ser cualquier letra. Luce muy bien, ¡espero hagas las modificaciones necesarias y continues haciendo un buen trabajo!


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Wasn't expecting strong language! That took me off guard. 
Well, it's interesting. I like the Atari feel of the game. Also, the text animations are really great and the sprites (except the gallow, or guillotine, I can't tell) are really representative as well. 

If this becomes a bigger game, maybe you should save the f---s for later, I don't know. Or maybe you should make the cats talk in a really mean way, but not quite like that. The worship part is intriguing, I hope you have that mystery already in mind.

Also, I wanted to go back and this happened... 

Good luck and keep doing a good work!

Thanks for playing it! 

Yes! It's weird, the way I made the game makes the Texts (UI elements) act like if they were game objects, so I had a hard time working out the conditions. In my bigger projects I got it working out, checking the win/lose condition based on the player position.  I thought on changing everything and make them sprites but the clock was running and I got nervous. 

Also, the game works a little more responsive in the debug mode (I got over 120pts)  and I didn't got too much time to adjust that, I did my best, tho. 

I didn't thought of the pause being exploitable... But yes! That's true! I should take it out.  

Restart would've worked after the victory/defeat screen, waiting seconds and restarting, but yes. I got the game's idea on the very last day, so I was rushing.  

I think this could be more fun as a multiplayer game, what do you think?  I'm not sure if making the players "play twister with their fingers" would be a good idea.... Maybe give each player specific keys?

Thanks again, I love your feedback!

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Thanks for trying my game! 
I believe that if I give a skin to the game (my idea is to make somewhat of a sumo game but with good looking characters) and make the typing thing look like a quick time event, it could get a little more engaging. 

Or maybe as a multiplayer?