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my review:

The game is just awesome. The music and soundeffects were awesome. 

The graphics were pretty nice with the animated background.

I quite liked the game desing. 

And dude i just love to cutscene at the beginning. i kinda wonder how you did the dialoge irregular. lol

but I have still something to complain with this awesome game: I couldnt beat the end boss because I couldnt shoot. At the menu it said, Left mouse button (or right cant remebner right now), but I spammed both and time to time I shooted bullets but really akward. And The hitboxes went trought the ground when you jumped(but this is just a little detail)

aaaand. i didnt really understand the theme, maiby I needed to beat the boss.

But still very nice game. Keep up the great work!

Would be happy if you could check out my game too :D

Thank you for your feedback! I'll make sure to polish the bugs if I continue to work on this game. Thanks!