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The idea is good, I have appreciated it. With a revised balancing and a few fixes it could get really interesting.

A few suggestions:

- With the interface, I had difficulties reading the description of the two tiles to pick, on my screen they appear far too small. Maybe the sprites are not scaled with the screen resolution, or you have a larger screen.

- Sometimes clicking on an empty exagon did not place the tile, I think it happened when I was close to the border. Did you use a circle collider? Replacing it with a polygon collider would probably fix the problem.

- It's hard to notice the difference between false and real environment score because when you finish the false value simply disappears. You could add it to the results.

- The tiles that will give you extra months appear too often, after setting up a good economy I could have continued playing forever. You could slightly reduce the probability of obtaining extra months tiles every turn or something like that, so that the player would have to plan more carefully his/her moves.

Hope you have the time to check my entry, I appreciate getting feedback.

Thank you for your feedback. About the collided, I used a polygon one, but there's a small chance that you moved your mouse while clicking and then it got detected as dragging the camera. 

The tiles were small because I forgot to set the canvas to screen size and it was fixed. 

On the Ecology, I understand that it's hard to note the difference so I'll take care of it. 

And I am fully aware that the game is not balanced, will see if I get back to it what I can do