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It's a shame that your game is in oblivion!

I really think that the overall premise fits absolutely. The music and the graphical presentation is also good. 

Only a few things to overwork:

  • I need more time to speak with the witnesses. Therefore the timer should be stopped until I moving around again.
  • Collecting the red sqaures is not so much fun. You could change that by the following: The player collect one evidence  at the same time and has to transport it to the FBI/CIA/Whatever Van, but the witnesses should not see that. If too many sees it, the game is directly over. Otherwise you can talk to them and the dialogs with the witnesses would making more sense. With that system you can also cut down the amount of evidence from 10 to 5. And if you had more time, then add some Aliens with "Undercover" clothes, which tries to hide.

That's it. I don't know how experienced you are in making games, but that was a good one in one week.


Thank you so much for the great review! I love the suggestions.