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hey, im interested in the code behind these types of games,is there like "rooms" like a string array with  possible situation/ comands inside or something completely different.  

had a couple ideas to improve on what you've already done, perhaps you could log the last successful command and keep it at the top. that way forgetful people like me are able to remember what they were trying to do without having to scroll back up. 

also with text adventures like this you should try, when explaining the options to use the word that they should use in there command, for example i had trouble trying to walk though a door, because i couldnt thing of a 2 word command to do so. 

and of course you want to keep the commands internally consistant, not saying you dont its just something you have to keep you eye out for while making games like this. 

Thanks for your valuable inputs. I have been noting down points and what you mentioned absolutely makes sense. Maybe I can have a space where I always show  a list of last 5-10 successful commands or maybe create a command that will show all these commands. I feel like right now the input is very rigid and only accepts command in certain format which I know I have to improve. I made this game in 8  hours, so didn't have much time to make it more robust. Also I think if I will expand this ever I will keep a short tutorial that way the player will know how to use the commands. Now about the architecture what I did is I created an "Input manager" that will accept the command and if appropriate pass it to the game manager. Game manager has the info of in which room you are currently and will send the command to that room's script. From there the appropriate action will be taken according to the command. I created a game object for each room and stored info of adjacent rooms in each other. Makes sense? If not I can elaborate in more detail. Thanks again for playing my game and taking the time to share your feedback. I really appreciate it.