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Thanks, yes that is helpful.

Following the link kind of talks entirely about clips and still images which I kind of where I see the grey area - they are protecting the images, but not the 'idea'.

I'm sure there must be something legally prohibitive otherwise anyone could create content that would impact their brand, but I'm not sure what this - whether its copyright law or trademark etc.

This article is helpful, but still doesn't really answer the question of if using the 'character' the milenium falcon in an unrelated game is legal or not

Got to bookmark that link for further reading - thanks for sharing

I remember coming across this Reddit gamedev user who is a video game attorney
This person has been a big source of help for law and related, to the community over there, and my best guess is messaging this person about your specific case


I've put a note on Reddit and see if he or anyone else has any thoughts.