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I've put a note on Reddit and see if he or anyone else has any thoughts.


Lovely super simple game. Can imagine great future extras - double rope, alternative characters, two player - but even as it is, its a fun mini game well done!

Thanks, yes that is helpful.

Following the link kind of talks entirely about clips and still images which I kind of where I see the grey area - they are protecting the images, but not the 'idea'.

I'm sure there must be something legally prohibitive otherwise anyone could create content that would impact their brand, but I'm not sure what this - whether its copyright law or trademark etc.

This article is helpful, but still doesn't really answer the question of if using the 'character' the milenium falcon in an unrelated game is legal or not


I would like to add more voxel drawn ships to my game as unlockable extras but I wondered what the legal position is with copyright of space ships from other media. For example, I drew the model below using Magica but it bares a likeness to another space ship from a sci-fi movie series.

Since I produced the model myself - all be it inspired by another - do I need to obtain a license? I imagine getting a license as a one-man indie developer is impossible or incredibly costly, so is there another way?

I've tried googling this but don't seem to be able to find a conclusive answer.

Thanks in advance.


Hi, I would like to hear feedback from the indie community on my newest game ShootyRocks

It has been in development for about two years but since I don't get any where near as much time as I'd like to develop it, I decided to release it and hopefully have some people playing it rather than it just sit in my 'in progress' folder indefinitely.

I have lots more things I'd like to add to the game, but even in its 1.0.1 state I think its still an interesting enough game that you can play for 30 seconds on a nature break. Hopefully in the next few months I'll be able to add the features that will make it as good as I imagine.

The feedback I've had so far has led me to add destructing ships - coming in v1.0.2, and for power ups including a use once shield - scheduled for v1.0.3.

I'd love to get more feedback from people who have played the game on what would make it even more enjoyable.