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I enjoyed playing this. Ambience is great, visuals are also great. I didn't think colors are a problem.

Thing is I would like to have some sound effects when I interact with something or walk, thanksfully the music is okay and covering it a bit. I think you made the player to actually walk a lot in the scene to artificially extend the duration of the game - it is fine but here it's obvious. Finally I would say I didn't think the game was respecting the theme that much, it cannot only be a sentence at the end saying "you lose" when you completed the game... you have to make some mechanics that are using the lie as a gameplay experience in my opinion.

Overall it's a chill and cool experience, with beautiful visuals.

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noted! I was going to add "lying" in the mechanics, but I knew a lot of games were going to use swapped controls and hidden platforms (and I couldn't think of many original mechanics )so I personally felt that adding it into the story would fit better, but be open to disagree :]

Also I love your game!


Haha thanks man :)