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The demo was amazing! The premise and the story both look really cool. The foreshadowing was kinda funny, too. I'll be waiting for the full release!

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Heey RX500-android!

It's sad to say that she probably won't be releasing this game. 

Last time we heard from her was in february 2019 and she hasn't given any updates at all (on kickstarter) or answered any emails.

Even though i am still hoping for a full release since this game had a lot of potential and looked very amazing and a good storyline! 

Though i doubt it will happen. :'(

Just wanted to let you know so you won't get your hopes up to much since a lot of us did. :'(

Hope you will play a lot of other amazing games! :D

( Sorry for bad english! haha)


Hi Sorelia! 

thank you so much for updating me- I am indeed disappointed, but not really surprised...

ps, your English is not so bad! It's actually quite good x

have an amazing day!


Hey! So some news on the kickstarter! She has replied to all our messages saying she is going to releasing the game soon. She's been gone because of a family emergency, which I really hope she's okay. 

I'm so happy she's back! Thank you so so much for the update x