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I finished the game and I must say I loved the graphics. It's like a clicker game, but instead of clicking, you drag and drop. There's also buttons become available after playing for a while which is quite handy to manage everything :) I also loved the ending, it fits well to the theme. I didn't understand why we were able to do 0 damage to the guy, maybe an unimplemented behavior or an unused asset :) I'm not sure. Overall, I liked the game good job!


Thanks for your playing. It's is nice to see you reach one of the bad ending, if I'm right. You can thought the coins toward Natas but he may sometimes eaten your coin. If you do hit him with a coin, it actually doing 0 damage. This is a little hint toward the real ending.

So, I strongly recommend to play it again!


I went ahead and re-played it to try to do that :) It was quite difficult but I managed to get the good ending. Nice one! There's some grammar errors but it's fine :D

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It is good to hear you are playing it again. Hope you enjoy it! Sorry for my poor English. I appreciate to correct me. We learn from mistake