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Would love a macOS build of this!


Untested mac build is now on the game page

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Awesome, just grabbed it.  I'll try it out

EDIT - Launches fine, thank you!  The game models look awesome.  The smooth cinematic camera movement is a nice touch.  The music sounds wonderful.  The only thing is the settings are a bit too high for my 2012 iMac so it was choppy to the point of unplayable.  But I can definitely see the effort put into this.  Awesome entry!


Thank you for checking it out!
Yeah, we wanted to go for a high fidelity look for this project, where the game is all in a very simple setting, but with relatively realistic assets. (It wasn't I who made them, it was @silver_lense)

Long story short, we didn't get to test this on any other system than our own computers...