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It's a funny game. It's very innovative. By the way, I have some advice you can consider and maybe your game will be better!

I think that using the real physics 2d box is not a wise choice. When I firstly played, I was stuck int the beginning because the box rotated and then blocked my way. Next, you can make a pause button or use Esc key because when I firstly stuck in the beginning, I can't restart and have to close the game and start it again. Finally, I think the check points are a little bit unfriendly. When I died in the second boss battle, I will transfer to the point where I pick the shield.

But it's a nice game. Good job!

Thanks for the great comment!  I totally forgot about a pause menu haha that is definitely needed~  I was actually try to make check points from a YouTube tutorial but unfortunately couldn't get them to work.  I will definitely study how to make the.  Thanks for the bug report!  perhaps I could do a circle collider and lock z axis?  Thanks a bunch for playing!