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Thank you so much for the thoughtful comment! It's funny, I recently watched a YouTube video that talked about No Exit: Men. Abuse. Trauma (it's what it says on the tin, so obvious content warnings). I hadn't thought of the connection between it and my game!

I usually provide prompts in my games because I feel that it's often hard to come up with good ideas for scenes and such, especially without context, eg. the first scenes, when the characters are not that well defined; or simply players who aren't that familiar with the subgenre. I'm glad you liked them :-D

Thanks again for your feedback!


Yup, promps & examples are always an excellent idea!

Thank you for the link, i'll watch the video tomorrow


I saw the video. That was a great review of Huis Clos (even if I didn't appreciate it when he said Descartes was a better philosopher than Sartre! :) because that's not the same period and not same society and subjects of reflections).

The way this video-maker is talking about norms and social pressure is nice, and he knows how to explain his references, he's not just a good comedian he's also a good pedagogue.
But the rude parts of the video are really difficult to listen (the moment he talks about his past himslef is terrible & that's pretty hard to listen... thankfully, he was on the path of healing, seeing therapist and wanting to be a "better himslef"). Well, I'm not talking about ttrpg here in this reply! But I guess if concept of your game is related to , it's that your game is on the right path to horror so well done.

One last thing about this comedian. He said:

How many times the door to Hell opens and i missed it?

it's such a really great sentence.. i need to see more of his videos. Thank you for sharing it to me, his channel is a big discovery for me  ✌