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Your sentence:

This game is about the conflicts between a group of people stuck together in a small-ish place, and
how humans are a bigger threat to other humans than any monsters that lurk in the dark.

It reminds me a book I really love: Huis Clos (translated into No Exit (wikipedia link)) by Sartre. Unlike your game, there's no danger outside, but like your game the people "stuck" together are "the Hell for each other". 


That's cool you added scenes examples! While reading, I was saying myself "I need to comment his game-page-presentation to suggest this. But eh, it was already on page 3 !! Your examples are pretty nices to read, and it made me think it could easily become a cool "descended for the queen" game (see "for the drama" here)


Plus, I really liked:

→ the fact that losers tell the story of winners and winners tell the story of losers, so it's an exchange of points of view.

→ the two sides the players have to imagine like staying-or-leaving :)

Thank you for your inspiring frightening game!


Thank you so much for the thoughtful comment! It's funny, I recently watched a YouTube video that talked about No Exit: Men. Abuse. Trauma (it's what it says on the tin, so obvious content warnings). I hadn't thought of the connection between it and my game!

I usually provide prompts in my games because I feel that it's often hard to come up with good ideas for scenes and such, especially without context, eg. the first scenes, when the characters are not that well defined; or simply players who aren't that familiar with the subgenre. I'm glad you liked them :-D

Thanks again for your feedback!


Yup, promps & examples are always an excellent idea!

Thank you for the link, i'll watch the video tomorrow


I saw the video. That was a great review of Huis Clos (even if I didn't appreciate it when he said Descartes was a better philosopher than Sartre! :) because that's not the same period and not same society and subjects of reflections).

The way this video-maker is talking about norms and social pressure is nice, and he knows how to explain his references, he's not just a good comedian he's also a good pedagogue.
But the rude parts of the video are really difficult to listen (the moment he talks about his past himslef is terrible & that's pretty hard to listen... thankfully, he was on the path of healing, seeing therapist and wanting to be a "better himslef"). Well, I'm not talking about ttrpg here in this reply! But I guess if concept of your game is related to , it's that your game is on the right path to horror so well done.

One last thing about this comedian. He said:

How many times the door to Hell opens and i missed it?

it's such a really great sentence.. i need to see more of his videos. Thank you for sharing it to me, his channel is a big discovery for me  ✌