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why is this free when pet rescue is not? Just curious.

Pet rescue looks great, so I figured I'd give it a whirl.

Pets Rescue contains extra features that were not present with the original free release  version - hence the small charge.  Alpharay was released freely at the Evoke scene party and this version is pretty much identical apart from the addition of the Psytronik logo at the start.  Proceeds from both games are donated to charity on request of the programming team.

ah^^ okay :) Well, I wanted ot let you know Imma scoop up both of em for the suggested price. C64 games that are quality is rare, and I dig what you're doing. 


This is not a C64 game, but maybe you just miswrote. No big deal. It's a C16 / Plus4 game, which are different computers by Commodore.


dude, not trying to get techincal here. it's a commodore styled game. that's fine.