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This is WAY more than just a "SEUCK" game - it's packed full of enhancements and extra features!

That's a great video! Thank you for the coverage, I have embedded it onto this page.

The flashing enemy feature has now been included in the game :)

Hi guys, the download bundle has now been updated to include an SD2IEC compatible version of the game along with a .crt easyflash version. Enjoy!

No problem! Great, itsn't it?! Gotta love that supa-quick loading

I've added the tag - great idea, thanks!

Hi, I've loaded the game with no problems into my C64 using an SD2IEC and the fb64 browser that is included with it. Once the .d64 was mounted I did have to reset my C64 using my Action Replay cart and then load it the standard way with LOAD"*",8,1 (RETURN). I will see if there is a simpler way to get it to load via an SD2IEC.

Hi, an SD2IEC friendly version of the game will be made available very soon!

Hi, do you have any more details of where the game crashes so we can look into the problem?

Did you try both cart versions? The Ocean build works on Easyflash.

Sorry, the SE version of Soulless was produced primarily for backers of the Soulless 1 & 2 vinyl kickstarter. A digital version will be available at a later date. The original version is still a great game though! Nothing to be gutted about there ... !

No, it will run on A500+/A600 + later machines

Hi! If you've bought a physical version you will have also been sent a download link to all the files in the digital download bundle. Check your spam folder if you can't find the email.

Yes, you do get a digital download if you buy the physical version (the same goes for all the physical releases).

It's kind of hard to hide it as it's on the packaging, load screen, title screen and the game is called "Armour Of Gods" - but hey ;)

Hi, the Special Edition was produced as part of a Kickstarter so a digital download will not be made available - sorry!

The .tap and .prg versions are of the Fairy Well bonus game only - the main Knight 'n' Grail game uses a disk multiload so is not tape compatible.

Hi, the music is only available on CD at the moment:-

Yes, the reason the boxes are the size they are is to not only match other games in people's collections but also because I know space is a premium. I could have made even bigger boxes but chose not to.

A Premium+ disk version will be available soon. I'm tempted to do a deluxe box set with soundtrack CD as I love the music in these games.

Great advice!  Always look carefully at a screen before you start running across it - think if there's places baddies could be hiding in the shadows

Hello Steve, a budget version won't be available I'm afraid as the physical edition of the game requires 3 x floppy disks.

The instructions are included in the download bundle.  To open a door hold the key, stand by the door and press fire - you can see this in action in the promo video. Use F1 and F3 to cycle through your objects

There are ammo crates later in the game. You can use the F1 - F3 keys to cycle through items

Having the same problem here - just getting this error message for images uploaded:- is currently unable to handle this request.


It should be there now

Yes, it is 100% compatible with the C64 Mini

The end sequence can be found on the tape after the main game.  If you have a download link you can now re-download it for the latest version of the download bundle.

Here is a link to an NTSC fixed version of the game:-