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Hi, the music is only available on CD at the moment:-

Yes, the reason the boxes are the size they are is to not only match other games in people's collections but also because I know space is a premium. I could have made even bigger boxes but chose not to.

A Premium+ disk version will be available soon. I'm tempted to do a deluxe box set with soundtrack CD as I love the music in these games.

Great advice!  Always look carefully at a screen before you start running across it - think if there's places baddies could be hiding in the shadows

Hello Steve, a budget version won't be available I'm afraid as the physical edition of the game requires 3 x floppy disks.

The instructions are included in the download bundle.  To open a door hold the key, stand by the door and press fire - you can see this in action in the promo video. Use F1 and F3 to cycle through your objects

There are ammo crates later in the game. You can use the F1 - F3 keys to cycle through items

Having the same problem here - just getting this error message for images uploaded:- is currently unable to handle this request.


It should be there now

Yes, it is 100% compatible with the C64 Mini

The end sequence can be found on the tape after the main game.  If you have a download link you can now re-download it for the latest version of the download bundle.

Here is a link to an NTSC fixed version of the game:-

Hi Steve.  The disk version will automatically load and run the end sequence when you complete the game. For the tape version it needs to be loaded separately. I just noticed the end sequence tape file was missing from the download bundle so I have updated the download with the missing file. If you download the bundle again you will find the file in the tape folder.

The end sequence can be found in the .prg folder in the download bundle.   Select FILE and then choose Autostart disk/tape image in VICE. Now point it to Organism end file in the .prg folder and the end sequence will load and run, prompting you to enter the code you received at the end of the game.

UPDATE!  The download bundle now contains the new tape version of the game along with the original disk version - and I've slightly updated the instructions.txt file to include some info that was missing from the original release.

Pets Rescue contains extra features that were not present with the original free release  version - hence the small charge.  Alpharay was released freely at the Evoke scene party and this version is pretty much identical apart from the addition of the Psytronik logo at the start.  Proceeds from both games are donated to charity on request of the programming team.

Hi, sure, please go ahead - and thank you for the coverage :)

Use a joystick in port 2. The instructions.txt file gives more details of the objects to collect etc.

No worries, I probably should have stated that it was a PAL only release, I will amend the info on the game.

Try it on an emulator in PAL mode - problem solved!

Hi, the game works perfectly on my sd2iec - what issue are you having?  If it resets when loading from the sd2iec menu, simply type LOAD"*",8,1 (return) and the game should load and run.

You are kidding, right?  These games are much more than just SEUCK games, a LOT of hard work and effort went into making them into commercial quality releases. LOOK at those loading screens, LISTEN to those amazing soundtracks, SEE all the in-game enhancements - none of which are possible with SEUCK.

You could use a freeze cartridge like the Action Replay to save your progress - that would work on a real C64

Hi, if you are playing using a C64 emulator then you can save your progress using the snapshot feature - and if you are playing on a C64mini then that allows you to save your progress whenever you like :D

The file in the original download link has now been updated to contain the c64mini version - download it again to obtain the file.  I'm currently working through the Christmas order backolog so you should receive notification of your order being dispatched very soon.

I recommend you use Yape rather than WinVice - title screen displays perfectly in Yape :)

Trevor 'Smila' Storey did the box art AND game art. Truly superb work!

OK, I will sort out an 800 x 800 image for you

It's a PAL only game I'm afraid, hence all the issues on NTSC hardware.  It runs beautifully on PAL hardware however and I've never had the game crash once.

Sure, what size do the images need to be fit the frontend you are using?

If you are using the Winvice C64 emulator you may need to turn true drive emulation ON for the disk menu to work (although separate .prg files are also supplied which are very easy to load).

The code is for the end sequence which you need to load separately from the disk image.

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Hi, this a Commodore 64 game so you will need a C64 emulator to run it on a mac.  I recommend the VICE emulator which you can download for free here:-

Yes, an NTSC compatible version is now available in the download bundle.

Yes, the game is compatible with the sd2iec device.

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Hi, you could try right-clicking on the game .exe file and then change the compatibility mode for the file to an earlier version of Windows. Win 7 or XP. Also, have you tried changing the graphic option from Direct X to Open GL? And you could also try running the game in a Window rather than full-screen. There are loads of options available so hopefully one should work for you. I've tested the game on two different Windows 10 PCs and the game worked with no problems.