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Just to mention i made some tries with heretic for fun and it works pretty great with it too. Only difference is that objects needs name and descriptions. Also the "computer map" equivalent can't be even taken, probably because it's not yet coded to be usable or something. but except for these two details, it works perfectly. ^^

Yeah, in the last build I made a while back I "stubbed in" Heretic support but didn't do any of the actual writing. The automap powerup is a good catch, that will require a tiny trivial code change. I'll make sure I do that before claiming any "official" Heretic support.

Ok nevermind. I could get the map and it worked like the automap should. The problem was me not using the right tool. That made me spot another problem tho, that also happens with usual doom iwads.

When you end a level with the glowing-eyes power, you start the next level with this power as the active "weapon", but the power as inactive. (no journal pages appearing, no golden view effect) And since it looks similar to the picking up things 'weapon" but can't actually grab things in that state, the confusion happened to me. :p

Maybe a good fix would be to make the player start the level with the picking up things "weapon" set on by default. ^^