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.... There is an android version available.


Ok nevermind. I could get the map and it worked like the automap should. The problem was me not using the right tool. That made me spot another problem tho, that also happens with usual doom iwads.

When you end a level with the glowing-eyes power, you start the next level with this power as the active "weapon", but the power as inactive. (no journal pages appearing, no golden view effect) And since it looks similar to the picking up things 'weapon" but can't actually grab things in that state, the confusion happened to me. :p

Maybe a good fix would be to make the player start the level with the picking up things "weapon" set on by default. ^^

Announcing that the french translation is 100% done and ready to be used! The lump is available and visible here.

Just to mention i made some tries with heretic for fun and it works pretty great with it too. Only difference is that objects needs name and descriptions. Also the "computer map" equivalent can't be even taken, probably because it's not yet coded to be usable or something. but except for these two details, it works perfectly. ^^

Btw i noticed the fonts in the mod don't have support for accents like é è à and such. it's not a problem, I just need to not use accents in the translation I do. But it would be a neat addition in the future ^^

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Well, it's actually a crash i've experienced on another mod that uses custom fonts and when used on a gzdoom with the language not set as default english. It was doing the kind of crash where gzdoom exits completely and gives a crash dialog box where you can make a report file and all. So I don't think it's just a vm abort.

When I told the other guy about his mod having the problem, before I noticed the 4.2.0 fixed the issue, he actually found a quick fix. You can eventually add this. He actually removed the SMALLFONT occurence in the fontdefs lump (only that one. He kept the other ones). I also discovered you can just add the lines that can make it crash (the secret found and keys found prompt, maybe more) in the language lump like if you were intending to change them. This had worked for me.

(speaking of the language lump, you did an awesome job with it. It makes teh translation of the mod very easy to do ^^ I wish all the modders works like you)

I've noticed the mod has been made ready for translation since all the lines and names are in a language lump. I'm thinking of starting a french version. I made a gitlab repository for it. People can eventually propose their own translations using merge requests and all :)

Mr. JP LeBreton, feel free to take these files and include them in your mod of course. This mod really deserves translations. :)

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As title says. Happens when using gzdoom in another language than english.

GZDoom 4.2.0 doesn't have this problem though. I leave this here in case someone else runs into the problem.

(btw are you french? your name makes me suppose so :p )

Don't be afraid. Sakura is more strong than she looks. As long as you stay friend with her, i'm sure she can overcome it. :)

  • Please be more specific. What happens when it "crashes"? Any error message?
  • In the worst cases, you still can play the PC version which is guaranteed to work on any kind of PC.
  • Archos is a bad brand anyway. I'm pretty sure it's one of the main reasons that makes it crash, even if Google says the app is compatible with your phone. :/

Well then I just sent a reply on GJ. ;) Thanks for the nice comment btw

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the game isn't meant to be run with the itch client yet for the simple reason that the exe is an installation program. I might make a version for itch client someday if it's highly requested. But for now, just get the setup exe and install it normally. ;)

We're actually thinking about a sequel. ^^

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The game has no hentai anymore since the beta started to come to android, years ago. Reasons are:

  • Such content is forbidden in Google Play and in most of the places the game is released
  • The scenes were completely useless for the plot
  • It mostly makes people badmouthing the game and/or making them miss the point of the story. It's about love and tolerance, not fapping to traps. :D
  • The graphics and texts were even more lame than the SFW graphics of LameKwK (the beta)
  • Why do you need hentai for this?

For any other questions, i invite you to check the official FAQ first on the game's blog. (where you might find some other surprises as well!)

Would be a pleasure! ^^ Send me a mail here and i'll send you the details

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Awesome, thank you ^^ I love watching letsplays of my games :)

And about the crash, it has been corrected very recently. click on the button "update available" when it will appear in game.

And for the grammar, i'm still looking for volunteers to correct it. ;p