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Mr. Friendly

Randomly Generated Acts Of Kindness · By JP LeBreton

Additionnal languages topic

A topic by Max le Fou (JMF Games) created Aug 26, 2019 Views: 94 Replies: 2
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I've noticed the mod has been made ready for translation since all the lines and names are in a language lump. I'm thinking of starting a french version. I made a gitlab repository for it. People can eventually propose their own translations using merge requests and all :)

Mr. JP LeBreton, feel free to take these files and include them in your mod of course. This mod really deserves translations. :)

Btw i noticed the fonts in the mod don't have support for accents like é è à and such. it's not a problem, I just need to not use accents in the translation I do. But it would be a neat addition in the future ^^

Announcing that the french translation is 100% done and ready to be used! The lump is available and visible here.