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Just taking the opportunity to tell you I found your game to be great and profound.

Although I did spot some typos in the dialogs and a few bugs, the playthrough is nice and the story upsetting (in a good way). Keep up the good work !

EDIT : I think I have a bug preventing me from getting to the alternate ending...No sure if I should spoil here about it ?

Dammit. You're probably right. The ending(s) ARE possible, I made sure of that but they are kind of hard to get them. I didn't think the game was going to be this popular. I'm working hard taking out the bugs right now on these things to give you a more stable version. Be posted for a better version of the game. (probably next week). Click this link to see the music, novel, and how to get the game endings.http://mrachu.com/-the-joke-of-a-cruel-game.html

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Great to here that you're planning a new version !

Since we're there, I can tell you about the bugs I encountered :


- Dialogs not appearing/available : When you play, if you click on an object that triggers a dialog, then accidentally click another (or the same) trigger, the first dialog disappears, and the second dialog goes on. If you then try to re-trigger the first dialog, you can't. My guess is you're stuck with an invisible dialog waiting for input, which you cannot access, since it's invisible. You'd need to have a kind of layer between the dialogs and the environment preventing such accidental clicks.

- Sandy's key disappears after a click, but the dialog about it still is accessible.

( Might be due to first mentionned bug) - Sandy's diary will sometimes open, and sometimes not, seems quite random.

- The map has a hole where you can fall off in the basement pool.

- When trying to reach the appartements in front of yours, you get stuck in the way. You have to run and jump to be able to go through.

- Random lags ; sometimes the game will just lag a lot ( I noticed it mostly happens near the phone)

( Might be due to first mentionned bug) - Paris is not pickable in the pool :(

And at last, not a bug, but a feature request I you plan on spending some more time on this project :) Having a cursor with more feedback about what is clickable would be a plus (As in most Click&Play games).

Tell me if you'd rather have me not listing the bugs here so as not to spoil the game for others.


Thanks. I'm still working on some of the things you've mentioned. Thank you very much for your input I really appreciate this a lot. This the best outcome out of a beta version.


Hi there,

Glad I can help :)

I've edited my previous comment to reflect the fact that issues might be due to the first bug I mention.

I was also thinking I could correct the typos if you want me to.

Cheers !

yes. That would be awesome. I'm not an english native you can send me all of the typos and I;ll correct them. My email is mrachu12@hotmail.com