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yes. That would be awesome. I'm not an english native you can send me all of the typos and I;ll correct them. My email is mrachu12@hotmail.com

Thanks. I'm still working on some of the things you've mentioned. Thank you very much for your input I really appreciate this a lot. This the best outcome out of a beta version.

Dammit. You're probably right. The ending(s) ARE possible, I made sure of that but they are kind of hard to get them. I didn't think the game was going to be this popular. I'm working hard taking out the bugs right now on these things to give you a more stable version. Be posted for a better version of the game. (probably next week). Click this link to see the music, novel, and how to get the game endings.http://mrachu.com/-the-joke-of-a-cruel-game.html

Download it again just don't buy it this time. Sure make a let's play those are awesome. Try to find the second ending.

Oh hi. The track didn't even have a name up until you asked. I just uploaded some of the tracks of the game to my soundcloud. here it is