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Hi, sorry if this was already asked, but how do I change the key binding ? Azerty here...

Hi, haven't played yet, just wondering if there's a way to rebind keys ? AZERTY here...

No worries ! I bought the game on steam and was able to copy the game files to another folder, so DRM-free version for me ! Yay ! Only thing is I can't show my appreciation by choosing the price...maybe you could set-up some "add-ons" on steam, that you would sell 1$ so that people can give you a little more ? Not sure that's worth the effort for you though :)

Cheers and great games by the way !

Not working for me, guess I'll buy it on steam ! But will I get a DRM free version ?

FWIW, the Linux version runs great on Manjaro Linux with Nvidia and Intel GPU. Also, the game itself is great :)

QT community · Created a new topic Pay with card please ?

Hi ! I love your games so far, and want to get QT, but I wont create a paypal account. Is there a way for you to activate payment with card ?

Cheers !

Whoa ! (Wo)Man am I glad to hear that ! Thanks for your dedication and great games ! 

Can't wait for it ! But why no Linux ? This is the first game you make that don't support it...

Couldn't get the konami code to work on an azerty keyboard under linux...

I ended up deleting the  "~/.config/unity3d/Adam Pype - Viktor Kraus " folder

Can now play the game.

Hi !

I would love to try this game. Would it run with an Intel HD 4000 ?

Also, congrats on your Academy award eligibility !

Hi there,

Glad I can help :)

I've edited my previous comment to reflect the fact that issues might be due to the first bug I mention.

I was also thinking I could correct the typos if you want me to.

Cheers !

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Great to here that you're planning a new version !

Since we're there, I can tell you about the bugs I encountered :


- Dialogs not appearing/available : When you play, if you click on an object that triggers a dialog, then accidentally click another (or the same) trigger, the first dialog disappears, and the second dialog goes on. If you then try to re-trigger the first dialog, you can't. My guess is you're stuck with an invisible dialog waiting for input, which you cannot access, since it's invisible. You'd need to have a kind of layer between the dialogs and the environment preventing such accidental clicks.

- Sandy's key disappears after a click, but the dialog about it still is accessible.

( Might be due to first mentionned bug) - Sandy's diary will sometimes open, and sometimes not, seems quite random.

- The map has a hole where you can fall off in the basement pool.

- When trying to reach the appartements in front of yours, you get stuck in the way. You have to run and jump to be able to go through.

- Random lags ; sometimes the game will just lag a lot ( I noticed it mostly happens near the phone)

( Might be due to first mentionned bug) - Paris is not pickable in the pool :(

And at last, not a bug, but a feature request I you plan on spending some more time on this project :) Having a cursor with more feedback about what is clickable would be a plus (As in most Click&Play games).

Tell me if you'd rather have me not listing the bugs here so as not to spoil the game for others.


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Just taking the opportunity to tell you I found your game to be great and profound.

Although I did spot some typos in the dialogs and a few bugs, the playthrough is nice and the story upsetting (in a good way). Keep up the good work !

EDIT : I think I have a bug preventing me from getting to the alternate ending...No sure if I should spoil here about it ?