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Was there a significant update between 1.0.9 and 1.1.0, or is this a misunderstanding of semantic versioning? If it was just another patch then it should've probably been called 1.0.10 -

Anyway I got it for free back in 1.0.6 but apparently need to pay if I wanna update it. I probably will anyway though since Hempuli rocks


pretty sure that's not how it works. there should be a new version in your library to download


It's not in my library. The Itchio desktop client wouldn't download/install it when it was up for free, and I think I ran into some glitches when I tried to download it off the site. Maybe when I was finally able to download it I wasn't logged in or something, or there was some sorta site glitch.

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You had to click "claim" on the download page to actually add it to your account's library (which incidentally also makes the itch client work), it's just a temporary download otherwise. The game is absolutely worth paying $4 (or more) for if you can, though!


Ah crap there we go. Thanks for the explanation, I think I'll spend a few bucks on it.