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pretty sure that's not how it works. there should be a new version in your library to download

Is there any overlap from your first collection or is this all new?

holy mother load of fonts!

2.0!!!!! THE BIG ONE

You're on to something here, one thought is you might want to add a roll or dodge like in Diablo 4. something you can't spam, but can get out of a pickle once in a while. The limited use turns it into more planning. space bar would be great. The rooms are very small and tight and sometimes there is no escape from a corner and no amount of skill will get you out of it.

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Ooof ok this build is really bad lol, it doesn't work

I'll check it out, but i think the main issue is it's built for desktops. I might need to revisit the phone controls and see what's up. There is a chance it's not 100% baked.


Long time listener, first time caller.

Doing a great job!!! This thing is amazing!

Right, but this is using the existing Kenney Space set which is already exported, curious if there is a trick to get it the same 1:1 as the primitives set or similar out of the box asset forge pieces

This set is rad!

I imported the Space set into Asset Forge, but all the models are 1 scale factor too large. You have to adjust to 0.1 to get it to the same scale as the build in blocks. Is there a way to fix this?

Update coming soon with the following bug fixes / changes

  • Exiting doesn't brick anymore
  • Added keyboard controls so you don't need a mobile interface
  • Added a fast move, so you can move quicker more real time
  • Possibly a new HUD to help with understanding what's happening
  • Redoing the Look and Use features
  • Changing the way enemies are placed and work
  • Slightly update tileset
  • Better procgen of floor tiles

Hit up the game page discussion board for Qs

Temporus: Rogue community · Created a new topic 7DRL Update

Uploaded completely new build for different systems. This is all new art and music along with basically a complete rewrite. This was part of the 7DRL challenge.

This is really great! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Nice work, the last image looks like the view from my first apartment window :(

Temporus (long in development, short in progress) is a game about trying to figure out what happened to your civilization. It's an exploring, action platformer with a little SHMUP action here and there. Hoping to add some interesting concepts as a I go, but there isn't much gameplay yet.

First time posting here. Last devlog was on tigsource or something and I had no beard. I'll post some pictures of the latest version after testers beat on the build a little. Here's what the game looks like sorta, for those who don't recall.

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I don't think I was supposed to leave that in....i might have left a debug thing in there. XD Let me check it out.

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I'm looking at new features to add this month. I want to do more work with combat and making it interesting instead of basic hit for hit. The gun mechanics is also a little wonky.

Known issues

  • The level up stuff isn't working, so when you level up, you get a ton of bonus and you don't get any points to use.
  • The armor and weapons system is very basic and doesn't do anything at the moment.
  • Most monsters are all the same level
  • going deeper doesn't add any challenge or reward.
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Post bugs if needed. Be nice.


That sound track