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Firebelly Studios

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Temporus (long in development, short in progress) is a game about trying to figure out what happened to your civilization. It's an exploring, action platformer with a little SHMUP action here and there. Hoping to add some interesting concepts as a I go, but there isn't much gameplay yet.

First time posting here. Last devlog was on tigsource or something and I had no beard. I'll post some pictures of the latest version after testers beat on the build a little. Here's what the game looks like sorta, for those who don't recall.

Replied to DietChugg in March Update
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I don't think I was supposed to leave that in....i might have left a debug thing in there. XD Let me check it out.

Created a new topic March Update
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I'm looking at new features to add this month. I want to do more work with combat and making it interesting instead of basic hit for hit. The gun mechanics is also a little wonky.

Known issues

  • The level up stuff isn't working, so when you level up, you get a ton of bonus and you don't get any points to use.
  • The armor and weapons system is very basic and doesn't do anything at the moment.
  • Most monsters are all the same level
  • going deeper doesn't add any challenge or reward.

That sound track