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Ahh. I'm playing on the Windows app, which downloads and launches these games in a standalone client where scrolling isn't a problem.

It would also be nice to be able to drag and select multiple items to delete, or maybe have an on-screen delete button.

What's a coding game without users introducing some feature-creep?

Would it be possible for the mouse wheel to cycle through the commands, and maybe to set middle-click as another way to delete them? It would be nice to be able to keep my hands on WASD and the mouse without having to switch up to the number bar and the delete key.

Very glad to see that the AI voices are being replaced with actual VAs. Have you finished casting it yet?

My trick is to beat these as soon as possible so I can take advantage of all the easy techniques before they're patched out

On some levels, I win when I jump into water as myself and then jump into water as the flag. Is that intentional? This game doesn't have the level select so I haven't gone back to gather more detailed information, but it feels like a glitch

I got ~80% of the collectibles by doing really janky walljump strats and didn't realize I could grab and climb around the walls with the triggers until I looked up a guide. Figured I'd post this here to help anyone else, because I swear this isn't explained anywhere in-game and I never saw a readme or even a "map controls" screen.

Very fun, though a bit QWOP/Getting Over It in places. I got 15/15 and all 3 big stars on every level, but it still said only 97% complete when I finished the last level. Very strange.

I wonder if it's because I got one of my missing big stars and exited a level without re-completing it, or if I didn't hit a save point after getting my last star, or if there's some other secret I missed. All the levels are sparkling on the overworld.

Ah crap there we go. Thanks for the explanation, I think I'll spend a few bucks on it.

It's not in my library. The Itchio desktop client wouldn't download/install it when it was up for free, and I think I ran into some glitches when I tried to download it off the site. Maybe when I was finally able to download it I wasn't logged in or something, or there was some sorta site glitch.

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Was there a significant update between 1.0.9 and 1.1.0, or is this a misunderstanding of semantic versioning? If it was just another patch then it should've probably been called 1.0.10 -

Anyway I got it for free back in 1.0.6 but apparently need to pay if I wanna update it. I probably will anyway though since Hempuli rocks

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I just discovered this project, and would LOVE to see vehicles from even more N64 racing games added in, especially the ones mentioned in other comments.

What a great idea!