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Just tested it for the glitch, and it doesn't occur...well, at least with the following circumstances anyway:

-Version 0.0.7a, Brainiac Arithmetic
-11 examples incorrect (don't know if I need to get more wrong)
-Less than 10 notebooks collected at any point (don't know if the final chase behaves differently)
-Tested with <3 and >2 notebooks
-Used muffins (don't know if that affects it)

To truly test it properly, I'll have to recreate the circumstances you were in, but for now, screw it. I have better things to do. Bye.

Wow man, why are you so salty about it? XD

I'm not even being salty about it...

Yes, you are. You really want to prove me wrong that he got stuck and that I didn't legit beat brainiac.

Also, you ended your sentence with an obnoxious ending. " Screw it. I have better things to do. Bye."

Nope, not salty at all.

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salty /ˈsɔːlti,ˈsɒlti/ adj.

3: tough or aggressive.
"a salty campaign strategist"

  • (INFORMAL•US) angry or resentful, especially in response to a defeat or disappointment. "she was salty because I didn't go with her to her senior prom"

I'm not any of those right now. I'm literally just saying and you know what? I'm not that desperate. Can we just move on?

And by the way, if everything mattered to me less than they already do now (and I know life is meaningless and we're all just evolved worms, slaves of DNA trying to strive for happiness), I would just spend an entire semester bothering for the heck of it. I actually have better things to do than try to prove you wrong.


Do you? Do you really have better things to do than this? THEN DO SOMETHING.

Stop spending your life on this game, do something in your life.

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1: I don't intend to treat this game like my FlapeeBird forever. And besides - haha - it's more worth doing things that will gain progress rather than just spending time, repeatedly shooting in the dark, aiming for a goal, like playing AEWVS Brainiac when I could accomplish so many other things in that time. Even if I stay obsessed with AEWVS for ages, I still have the potential to do many useful things in the time it takes to get one single accomplishment only rewarding by knowing you're up there with the people that have gotten to a certain place with little reward. Like, come on, the cake's not real, I could buy sweets literally any time I wanted to, and I'm not even as fond of sweets as I am of better food.

2: Besides - that's all meaningless and arbitrary because I have the freedom to do literally whatever I want since life is meaningless and once I die, this universe is completely arbitrary. Plus, we're just creatures slaves to deoxyribonucleic acid that give us emotions to know when we're succeeding in the continued consumption and domination of existence even though heat death will ruin it all. So I'm just doing whatever makes me content.

Oh, and if you wanted me to shut my UFW waste-consuming cakehole so tightly I suffocate just because I was mentally retarded, African and your slave since you're the only real creature in the universe and have achieved an amazing feat that you absolutely do not ruined by an interrupting, placeless backtalker, and I'm just a human toy that can't be described as miserable because I usually just stay calm about everything, but IS arbitrary, worthless, meaningless and composed of fecal matter, you literally could've just said's that simple and we would've stopped arguing half a week ago. And, I'm not just saying that to self-deprecate myself so you take pity on such an uncontrollable, disgusting, horrible and sociopathic monster as me (which I proudly am - half the reason I'm not being vegan). I'm just being...okay.



P.S. ifyoureplytothisandisaysomethinggodhelpmebecauseidontreallylikegodandiwanttomakethispromiseastoughaspossible


I find it funny how you try to avoid everything by making a very long message and use harder words to make 0 points. You literally didn't prove anything by writing this.

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bro fierydeath4 is just being an asshole thats how he acts to everything

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...Fine. God can help me. Screw Heaven. What's your point?

I think it's that I simply should just be quiet more quickly and stop putting you down for doing such an amazing feat (which it still might be despite the following) just because I get the feeling there was a glitch. Is that it???

No, wait, that can't be just it. We're already off the glitches, pretty much and now we're just...kinda dealing with your personal opinions about me I guess. Come to think of it, this...argument(?) hasn't actually gone on for very long. It just feels like it because it's been a few days, so...are we done?

The argument would have ended a long time ago if you just weren't being an obnoxious and aggravating bastard