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...Fine. God can help me. Screw Heaven. What's your point?

I think it's that I simply should just be quiet more quickly and stop putting you down for doing such an amazing feat (which it still might be despite the following) just because I get the feeling there was a glitch. Is that it???

No, wait, that can't be just it. We're already off the glitches, pretty much and now we're just...kinda dealing with your personal opinions about me I guess. Come to think of it, this...argument(?) hasn't actually gone on for very long. It just feels like it because it's been a few days, so...are we done?

The argument would have ended a long time ago if you just weren't being an obnoxious and aggravating bastard

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Now I completely don't see your point of view, so this argument isn't even worth having since you obviously can't take it.

But if you think I'm an idiot, I agree. I'm an insensitive sociopath that has no idea how or why people get offended by petty things or honest remarks because I clearly can take it, but I can't feel anything of anyone else apart from their physical form. which gets me into a lot of trouble amongst my sensitive peers. soooooo bye now.

aaaaaaaaawwwwwww i can't upvote posts too far into the thread? dang

(i know i can't upvote my own)