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Fun stuff, albeit very similar to the other game. Going full hand drawn art again I see! I dig the lineart on the flower bed.

Small point, but when the crows are circling around Melody, they can go off the screen. Didn't test, but I assume the orbs that drop end up offscreen where you can't reach them. 

I think the final boss spent a bit too long not doing anything. Having the boss and the text in the background also made it hard to see sometimes.

I'm not a great artist, so... grain of salt here. The line widths in the gameplay scene seem kind of wonky -- the background clouds have the thickest lines, while the player character's lines are super thin. I feel like a lot of hand drawn games with similar outlines (Like hollow knight, cuphead, castle crashers, etc) don't do black outline much on the background, only on the characters and maybe foreground elements. Creates more of a contrast between foreground and background.


Thanks for playing!

Great feedback too, all good points! I'll probably update the boss's aggression later. I spent so much time on the art, I was pretty short on time for any real gameplay balancing. 

Speaking of art, I don't think I'll be doing a style like this for a WGJ very often. It's fun to try something different, but it was waaay too time consuming for the amount of dev time I get in a week. (And it's only fun when the clock's not rolling past midnight...)  Pixel art will definitely be my main medium for these games. It's just faster and easier to get a result I'm pleased with in the time I have available.

Thanks again for your feedback, very helpful!


Yeah, I've tried similar styles for some of my jam attempts, and it usually ends up with me either quickly falling back on pixel art or not finishing the jam.