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As a physicist, I love little creatures physicists dreamt about. The most famous cryptid award goes to Schrodinger's cat. But there are many more interesting mythical creatures dreamt about: Maxwell's demon, Majorana fermion, Dirac's magnetic monopole. I imagine if would be fun to make a Pokemon style games to catch 'em all! But you need to know enough physics to catch them effectively!

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I was thinking of a monster hunter type game but that would be way to difficult for me :)

That would be cool. Perhaps you can make a 2D version fo monster hunter with cryptids ?It's probably easier than 3D.

That was my idea(I don't know 3d) but I would need to make tons of bosses, make a decent ai for normal enemies, make a story and I can't do that

Sounds like a good challenge for a 1-month jam :) After GBJAM, I am quite fed up with RPG. Maybe I should work on a 2D platformer. All good jam games seem to be platformers and I have never made one before.