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I love bullet hell so much (Ikaruga is still one of my all time favorite bullet hell games). I liked the idea of there being almost like a "trade off" between shooting and moving. It makes it more strategic (vs just keeping the shoot button held down). The one piece of feedback I'd have is to make the bullets smaller. At this resolution, I'd like more options to weave in and out of the madness.

The shooting and movement design comes from Mushihimesama! I think it does a lot of cool things in the bullet hell space, though I also think I am more of an "admire bullet hell from afar" type of person than a veteran :P

I did try a few smaller bullet sprites and found it difficult to track them visually, but this is good feedback! I definitely think I need to adjust some of the big waves near the end and/or their bullet velocity, because I think it's too easy to get trapped. In a good design I don't think using a bomb should be required to pass certain waves. Thanks for playing!